Do you love your doggy just as much as you love yourself? There’s no doubt about a canine friend, they love you without question and just keep on giving. Their boundless energy gives you the best reason to go for a walk everyday. And we know that walking is really good for you too. Just as petting your dog helps keep your blood pressure down a walk through place like Kings Park can be very relaxing.

Children learn important lessons just caring for their pet. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, roll over and more, is an important lesson for you and your kids because you have to maintain your dog’s trust and repeat the commands enough times to make it normal. And being able to command your dog not to run across a busy road can be a lifesaver. ┬áThere are so many good places around Perth to run your dog. Some people prefer the ocean at Swanbourne or Leighton. Of course that’s another reason to get out and about, ‘good for you and good for doggy’.