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10 Best Tips For Family Photo Sessions Perth

10 Best Tips For Family Photo Session

  1. Plan how will you  display your new family portraits. Don’t leave it to chance. Discuss the details well before your photo session. Choose clothing to suit the mood and location of the shoot. Don’t wear styles that date easily. (“I don’t want to end up with trendy photos that look tacky in a few years.”) Coordinate colours to suit each other and the location. Soft blues, greys, pinks and denim look great at the beach or in a shady park. Formal dress looks so wrong at the beach but perfect in formal locations.
  2. If you like the idea of a ‘portrait collection’, consider whether your children should have close up or full length photos and maybe a serious expression. It’s great to match them in head and body size in a collection of framed portraits that are designed to work together.
  3. Think about personality and movement. Action brings  images to life. Let kids off the leash! Make a hero of your family dog.
  4. Great locations with good light and pleasing backdrops are everywhere. You might love a particular setting but does it have a backdrop that doesn’t work very well. (“We’ve got thousands of photos but none of them really work.”)
  5. Is your home short of wall space? Display your portraits with a small footprint. Imagine collections  arranged down the wall instead of across. Create  a coffee table album. (“I’ve been in my new home for a year and my walls are still bare and I don’t even have an album.”)
  6. Don’t rely on your phone photos for your family’s next generation. A professionally made family portrait is safe to keep. Get your portraits printed, framed and displayed. Good professional photos will creatively preserve your family memories.(“All I have from my photo session is a bunch of files that I tried to print – they look awful!”)
  7. Be wary of cheap prints. They are not archival unlike current photo lab products. (“The pictures I try to print and frame myself never look right on our walls.”)
  8. Ask for advice on all aspects of your family photo session. Take advantage of your photographer’s experience. It’s the art in a good photograph that makes it stand out from the rest. Don’t leave it to chance.
  9. Include grandparents in your memories. After all, grandchildren are often their focus in later years.
  10. Work with your photographer. Sometimes it helps to let your children express themselves in their own ways. Never threaten and don’t use treats. Don’t force a smile. Help encourage laughter and fun and it will all happen naturally. Geoff Fisher, Perth Western Australia.