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In Perth, Western Australia, you can have a fabulous family photo session!

We’re pretty laid back, and it sometimes takes a bit of effort to organize the family. 

You know what I mean. 

Everyone is so busy. 

In this article, I will share my 10 best tips on what you need to consider before scheduling your photoshoot to get the most out of it.

Start with a plan in mind

Are you going to give the games room a boost with a storyboard – three to five framed images? 

Or one big canvas highlighting your family at play. 

Sometimes a single image can convey a whole lot about you and your family. 

Try to incorporate some of your family activities, such as going out on your boat or having a picnic in the hills. 

Going that extra step can bring in a whole lot of more interesting aspects of your life.

Choose a great location

Best Family Photographer Perth Fisher Photography

Well, we’ve got great beaches, like this one above, haha. 

Mountains of seaweed on this day. 

Three brothers and their dog had so much fun splashing through the shallows with Fremantle Port’s colours in the background. 

Look for a setting like this that suits the mood of the day. 

Of course, the mood would change completely if this was made at sunset. 

You need to plan for the ‘golden hour’ if you want the sun setting in very soft light. 

Then you need to consider if there will be a strong sea breeze.

Choose the right clothing

Make sure your outfit fits the mood and location of the finished artwork. 

Some styles date easily. (“I don’t want to end up with trendy photos that look tacky in a few years.”) 

Coordinate colours to suit each other and the location. 

Soft blues, greys, pinks, and denim look great at the beach or in a shady park. 

The formal dress looks so wrong at the beach but perfect in formal locations.

Make sure colour tones match for the whole family

Family Photographer Perth

If you want to get the clothing right, gather up whole family’s clothes and lay them out on the bed. 

Ask yourself, do they work together? 

Similar tones, but NOT ALL THE SAME COLOUR. 

It can be beneficial to wear tops with at least some sleeves because arms can be distracting in close-ups. 

Some parents dress their children at the shoot location to save them from food marks and spills from drinks.

Know your photos requirements in advance

Best Family Photographer Perth Fisher Photography

Plan where and how you will display your new family photos. 

There are some great ideas on Pinterest for wall groupings. 

Using the same frame style for a set of framed prints make a great picture wall. 

Avoid the temptation to use up a few old frames of different colors and sizes. 

Leave nothing to chance. 

Discuss your ideas in advance, and then your photographer can compose photos with a plan for your picture wall. 

Close-up or full-length photos?

If you have close up portraits of all of your children, you’ll want some uniformity. 

Keep them all the right size in proportion to each other. 

It’s a good idea to match head and body sizes for wall collections. 

You’ll want to decide on close up or full length. 

And then, serious or smiley expressions? 

Serious expressions can be really impressive.



Allow your children to have some fun.

If you or your children are a bit self-conscious when posing for the camera, try walking or running. 

Any movement will dispel the anxiety that comes with trying to be perfectly posed. 

And it’s harder to be self-conscious when you are walking or running towards the camera. 

Let your kids off the leash! 

Sometimes too much control takes away the spark in young ones. 

Make a hero of your family dog! 

If they are running after the dog, many new possibilities arise. 

And there’s more spontaneity, and unexpected things happen. 

That makes good memories.

Have fun!

Encourage a bit of play, especially with parents.

Include grandparents in your memories

Grandparents love getting together with grandchildren

After all, grandchildren are their greatest reward. 

If the grandparents in your family live a long way away from you, photos will be even more important. 

Give them some beautiful photos.

Get them involved with the photos, and you’ll soon see their joy.

Choose a location to suit the grandparents’ mobility. 

A short walk from the car, on level ground, can make everything easier.

Sometimes it helps to let your children express themselves in their own ways with their grandparents. 

Take your time. 

Laughter, fun, and smiles will happen naturally if you aren’t in a hurry. 

Don`t rely on your phone photos for your family photos

A professionally made family portrait is safe to keep and will always look good. 

Printed photos are REAL and less likely to get lost forever. 

Print your family memories to make them real. 

The right way is to order a family album. 

(“All I have is a bunch of digital files that look awful!”) 

Be wary of cheap prints. 

They are not going to last. 

Go Pro!  

(“The pictures I try to print and frame myself never look as good.”)

Hire an experienced professional family photographer

Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative has a high-speed, top quality digital camera doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing behind the camera. 

While quality equipment does help the average consumer improve their photography game. 

The tricky part is creating natural-looking poses and simply managing the parents, kids, and maybe the family dog. 

There are a lot of moving parts to deal with.

Most consumers don’t know enough about exposure, lighting, and all the other technical aspects of photography to consistently capture good quality images.  

A professional photographer offers an artistic approach, creative eye, and experience that cannot be purchased at a camera store.

If you are looking for a family portrait photographer in Perth, Western Australia, my forte is family and children’s portraits. 

You’ll love the photo experience and get photos that create joyful memories. 

Perth families love their happy photo experiences with us. 

It may sound funny, but I’ve been saying for years, ‘Our guarantee is the best photos you’ll ever have.’ 

And I mean it.

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