12 Traits to Differentiate a Professional Corporate Photographer from an Amateur

Besides family photography, we also do corporate photography for many Perth businesses. While most of the same traits that make a professional photographer great for studio photography also translate well to corporate photography, there is a certain mindset that one must take to a corporate job, especially if it is executed at their place of business. Here are twelve traits of a professional that are essential for success in corporate photography.

Respect the Client

A professional photographer shows an attitude of respect for all clients and their desired end results. In any profession especially photography, if you want to get respect, you have to give it first. No exceptions.

Come in Under Budget

Large corporations are where they are now because they know how to budget time and money. A professional photographer works with the client to achieve the desired end results without going over budget. If they don’t, their reputation can be shredded by negative word-of-mouth feedback between and among executives.

Do what you Say, Say what you Mean

A true professional must deliver the product they promise to the client in the amount of time they told that client they would deliver. Also, they must demonstrate that they understand and respect their client’s critical needs. The surest future for photographers who provide positive, memorable experience and memorable results is a growing supply of clients.

Make the Client’s Life Easier

Nobody likes a diva. It’s not about the photographer’s needs; it’s about the client’s needs. A photographer who makes it easy for clients–from the beginning to the end–helps enrich the lives of their clients. That is when synergy happens.


Any project is going to have challenges and problems. Professional photographers react to problems by finding creative solutions. We live by an old saying: “If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

Appropriate Response to Criticism

A professional cannot ever take criticism personally. It is their job to listen, adjust, and complete the job in an efficient manner. Clients are often a professional photographer’s best teachers; all one has to do is be receptive.

Remember the Dinosaur

Dinosaurs died off because they couldn’t adjust to change. As a professional, photographers must be able to adjust to change. To quote François, duc de La Rochefoucauld, a French writer and nobleman from the 17th century, “The only thing constant in life is change.” It works that way in professional photography, too.

Speaking of Consistency

While adapting to change, a professional must provide a consistent product. In addition, the professional must negotiate, present, invoice and execute. Then the professional must follow through to the very end and ensure that the product which was agreed upon has been delivered in the proper timeframe.

Promises, Promises

A professional never promises more than he/she can deliver. Whether its time, product or quality, a professional can’t afford to give inaccurate estimates.


A professional researches the client’s company before setting foot on its property. It doesn’t seem necessary to some, but that kind of attention to detail is what separates true professionals from pretenders. Research can allow the professional to approach the client with great ideas about how to present their corporate vision and mission. Once again, the distinction is subtle but it can make a big difference.


We touched on this briefly earlier, but a professional photographer has to be able to “keep their cool” in the middle of chaos. When working with human beings, things are going to happen. Schedules may go awry; three people will show up at once, demanding their turn “right now.”

A true professional is able to calm the storm and keep his/her composure. The best role model for this would be a jet pilot’s monologues at the beginning and end of passenger flights.

Putting it all Together

The bottom line here is that whether one wants family photography, corporate photography, or portrait photography right here in our Perth studio, it pays to hire an experienced professional. We listed traits that are non-negotiable in our business, and we feel that all are essential to providing professional service and consistent results.

We train our staff in these fundamentals and it has paid off for us in a thriving business. When you hire Fisher Photography, you can count on professional, consistent results. You can count on experienced professionals who spare no effort to get every detail right. Most of all, you can count on our photographers to care about your company and its mission.

In an age where too many amateurs call themselves “professionals,” it pays to hire a firm with an established track record. Call (08) 6468 5961 today.

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