Fisher Photography

A Family Affair for the Ages

Being a centre of portrait photography for all of the Perth area for about 35 years, we know all about family portraits and the impact they can have on a family. But just what is it about family portraits that make them so special and why are they so important to a family, or rather, why should they be?

Family portraits are, by their definition, a snapshot of the entire family together. This may seem obvious, but it has great bearings on the significance of the photograph itself. By capturing in time all of the family together, it symbolises unity within the family and tells themselves and all others that they are a family united in love.

By the whole family getting together to take the portrait, it shows that they all care about each other enough to want to have that moment together preserved in a photo.

As if that weren’t enough to warrant the taking of a family portrait, the physical photo itself is important because it holds not only that symbol of unity, but also the memory of the family being together.

The portrait itself will last for many years after its taking and that memory of the family being together will remain with it. Even after all of the children are grown and off living their dreams, they will still look at the family portrait and remember when they were young. If multiple portraits are taken over the years, which is not uncommon, they can see their growth, as can the parents.

Family portraits can also be shared with other, more distant relatives. Aunts and uncles of one or both of the parents would love to come over and see how their sister or brother is doing with their family and that can remind them that are all united as well. Grandparents too become warm-hearted when they see their legacy being continued through their children.

Family portraits help bring families together in an almost mystical way. Over the course of time, that photo will still stand as a symbol of familial love and a memento of time spent together.

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