Fisher Photography

A fun family portrait taken in a Perth beach home

A Family Portrait At Home

Sally and Tim Flavel chose their City Beach home as the setting for a Fisher Photography portrait session. And Geoff Fisher was very happy to oblige.

And yes, ‘Benji’ is listening carefully to Geoff Fisher’s instruction to “stay’, lie down”.

The kids and the ‘Benji’  had a great time running around, with dad holding on to the dog and letting go to make the portrait work. Posing in the lounge is a great way to calm Benji and keep the kids together. Helped by Geoff’s easy going manner, they were able to choose from a wide  range of images.

Tim and Sally chose canvas and acrylic mounted photos for their walls after careful consideration on the ‘virtual wall’. Fisher Photography can show exactly how the photos will look on display. This is a great help in decision making. After delivery by Geoff, it was a simple matter of installing in the chosen places. 

The photo session and portrait displays of  Geoff Fisher portraits will reinforce memories of childhood. 


This was a virtual preview on one wall considered for the canvas portrait of the children