A Matter of Production: Let a Professional Handle This

With 35 years of experience under our belts, there are few, if any, professional photographers in the Perth area who can attest to the same. Having been in the field for so long, we know almost everything worth knowing about how to take incredible pictures.


While this does take considerable skill, there is a little bit more to professional photography than taking the actual shoots themselves. The post-production of the pictures is also an important aspect of creating memorable portraits because they are the final products you will have hanging in your home.

Some photographers like to give you the images either electronically or printed and let you handle how to frame and display them. We think that is not a very smart move.

Professional portrait studios generally prefer to handle the printing and framing of finished products, rather than giving that responsibility to their clients, because they have more experience with creating finished products. While a client may know what looks well to them personally, professionals know what is universally acceptable.

Framing a finished portrait is a work of art not unlike a painting or mural. Not only is the image itself important, but how it is displayed can enhance or tarnish a good photograph. The photographer makes sure that the type of frame doesn’t clash with anything in the portrait.

There is also a question of quality when handling the photos after a shoot. While most of the photos turn out excellent, there are probably a few taken in the shoot that aren’t worth printing out. A professional knows which ones are the best and which ones are worth framing and thus can decide to use those as a finished product.

When it comes to the framing, photographers often also know how to do it correctly so that the piece will look overall well done and last many years. Framing itself can be an artwork and they have creative ways of making your portraits stand out.

With our amount of experience, we know what files to use and how to best frame your portraits to make them the best they can be.

To let our masters of professional photography take care of all aspects of your photo production in Perth or wherever you are, please call (08) 6468 5961.