Baby Photographs: the Gift of Spontaneity

One of the most fun aspects of our years spent doing baby photography in Perth is the sheer, Little-Girl-CrawlingPINIMAGEunbridled emotion that is involved. The expression “innocent as a baby” is no accident. Babies are too young to be self-conscious. Consequently, they are totally honest, and their emotions are on full display.

This is great for baby photo sessions. While it often takes a long time to make an adult comfortable in front of a camera, the baby doesn’t even know what a camera is yet, and always has a natural, “organic” look on his or her face. We recommend taking baby shots at monthly intervals, including newborn. Here are some tips for great photos at a few crucial junctures.

Remember, though, the most important tip is to hire an experienced professional photographer. We know how to get the best photos at the best times.


Newborns sleep a lot, but they are processing a lot when they open their eyes. They are seeing the world for the first time, and they are totally dependent on their mother. This is a beautiful time to take some of the most pure photographs you will ever take. We like to photograph the baby being held by the mother if possible.

One Month

The baby is more alert, and is at ease with both parents. This is a great time to get posed shots using the parents as cushions. Awake or asleep, this is a fun time.

Three Months

Your baby will start to show a bit of personality in his or her face at three months, and you will see the beginnings of facial expressions. The best results are when the parent holds the child and waits for some kind of movement or expression to surface.

Five Months

Your baby can sit up now, and is developing a bit more personality. There will be more variance in facial expressions, and priceless photos can be taken at this juncture.

One Year

This is where the baby’s personality starts to shine. There is a very popular baby photo called the “cake smash,” in which you give the child a cake with frosting on it, and let them go wild on it. Highly recommended.

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