What To Wear For A Fisher Family Portrait?

Are you planning a family photo session? Today I’ll be talking all about what to wear for a family portrait. After years of taking gorgeous photographs of families around Perth, I realized this is a common question my clients have.

Recovering Deleted Photographs: 4 Tips

Have you ever had a child delete the images on a camera by accident? Or did you forgot about the old photographs from that family trip and just erased them from your computer? recovering deleted photographs can be a troublesome endeavor. Here’s everything you need to know!

5 Mother-Daughter Pictures To Inspire You

Taking mother-daughter pictures is one of my favorite things to do! Capturing that unique connection and seeing the love come alive before the lens of my camera is so satisfying! As a professional family photographer, I have archives full of adorable mother-daughter pictures taken through the years. Whether you want to take your own family...

5 tips to fight the heat in a summer photoshoot

Sunshine and clear skies make for beautiful family portraits, but in Perth’s summer, they can also quickly make the day too hot for comfort. I mean, looking your best covered in sweat and feeling sticky isn’t exactly an easy feat! Recently, I had an outdoor photoshoot that was almost rescheduled because of the heat. In...

Mother And Sons Playing

Kids love playful parents. Especially when they get down on the ground and wrestle. The Pirie family loved their family portrait experience with Geoff Fisher of Fisher Photography. The light was perfect and it was one of those beautiful days of autumn; the sun was shining and the birds were singing. And at this Como...