Mother And Sons Playing

Kids love playful parents. Especially when they get down on the ground and wrestle. The Pirie family loved their family portrait experience with Geoff Fisher of Fisher Photography. The light was perfect and it was one of those beautiful days of autumn; the sun was shining and the birds were singing. And at this Como...

Fisher Photography Beach Sunset

Who would know that a Cottesloe Beach family portrait session with Geoff Fisher could be so much fun? The Ferre family discovered this when they had a session just before the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Claire and Fab couldn’t believe how happy their three boys were posing for Geoff’s camera. It helped that...

A Family Portrait At Home

Sally and Tim Flavel chose their City Beach home as the setting for a Fisher Photography portrait session. And Geoff Fisher was very happy to oblige. The kids and the ‘Benji’  had a great time running around, with dad holding on to the dog and letting go to make the portrait work. Posing in the...


Perth Family Photographer, Geoff Fisher, says the most beautiful time for family portraits in Perth, Western Australia is early morning or sunset during the summer months. I try to avoid the strong sea breezes which can blow you about at Cottesloe Beach or along the shores of the Swan River. Timing is everything. In between...

Imagine your family gathered around this bench…

Hyde Park, Perth is a favourite location for Family photographer Geoff Fisher. Especially during autumn when the leaves are turning  gold. There are lots of good angles for portraits, some with water backgrounds and some between tree trunks. Even with other people around, it’s easy enough to make it look like the park is all...

Canvas/Acrylic 24x36” $1878


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How much will it cost?
Pricing for prints starts at $225 for an 8x10”.

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Choose between beautiful acrylic, canvas or framed portraits.

Larger framed prints start at 12x18" or $743. You can choose Canvas, Acrylic or Framed - all finishes priced the same for the same size.

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Beautiful Print Boxes, handmade from premium Australian Ash timber and stained bamboo, to hold matted images.

Family Album
Family Portrait Albums - Your legacy can be an Art Album, full of beautiful family moments. Hard paged albums designed with your family legacy in mind. Think ‘future generations’ when you order these family time capsules. Album of 20 full page portraits $1859. (Individual prints purchased separately would total $3000+)

“What should we wear?”

Here’s some ideas - Dress according to the setting
The first step when selecting outfits for a family photoshoot is thinking about whether it will be indoors or outdoors. Especially in the latter, it’s important to choose an outfit that will let you move freely.

In an outdoor location, consider if there is sand, rocks or grass. Dress for that setting. You will want to be comfortable sitting on the grass, so maybe light-coloured pants might not be a good option in that case. And you might want to bring a lead for the family dog.

Coordinate colours, don’t match them
There was a time when families were expected to match completely when they had a photoshoot ordered. Although I have taken those portraits before, it isn’t so fashionable anymore.

When wondering what to wear for a family portrait, try choosing coordinating colours but not matching everything exactly. Maybe you can select a colour and everyone chooses their own shade, or you select a palette and mix and match as needed

It’s always stylish
Use the season to select your colour schemes. In winter, blues, whites, grey and red are a good option. In summer, light shades, blues, pinks and tans are a favourite.

Think about your home décor
It’s very likely you’ll want to showcase the resulting family portrait at home. Because of this, think about the general colour scheme of your place and try to coordinate the colours in your family portrait.

Again, I don’t recommend matching. Just think about the overall feel: If your home is very neutral, then it might be a good option to keep your patterns classic and use complementary tones.

Keep comfort in mind
In agreement with thinking about the setting you’ll be taking your portraits in, try to choose comfortable outfits. You will probably be changing positions often, maybe sitting and standing as well, so select your outfit accordingly.

Your portraits will look more natural if everyone is feeling great in their clothes! This is especially true for your little ones: we will have a much better chance of taking great pictures if your kids are comfortable enough to run, play and roll around a bit.

Stay classic
Yes, family portraits are meant to reflect a distinct time in your family’s life. But they will probably stay around for years to come. Many clients of mine have family portraits dating back more than 30 years!

This means that things that are “in” right now might not be then. To lengthen your portrait’s life and avoid hiding it in a few years, stick to classic outfits that will stand the test of time. Your photos will be forever in style!

Add a touch of personality with props
Even though it’s better if all outfits generally coordinate and stay classic, you want to showcase your personality. Whether that means bringing in the family dog, adding a bright scarf or doing some candid shots of the kids, it’s important to capture what makes your family unique! On the other hand, props and accessories let you create different looks with the same photoshoot. These add texture and visual interest to the portrait.