Perth Family Photographer, Geoff Fisher, says the most beautiful time for family portraits in Perth, Western Australia is early morning or sunset during the summer months.

I try to avoid the strong sea breezes which can blow you about at Cottesloe Beach or along the shores of the Swan River. Timing is everything.

These kids loved their photo session at Cottesloe Beach

“I go to many outdoor locations for the quality of the light and the beautiful, natural backgrounds. On location it’s easy to let the kids run and it’s okay for your dog to join in the fun.

Clients are often amazed at how much fun they have in a session with Geoff and how many great photos turn up at the sales session. 

Sometimes running along the Swan River in Nedlands is the most fun a kid can have.
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Geoff Fisher, Corporate Photographer of Perth, recommends ideas and asks questions.

Are you featuring a poorly made, dated picture of yourself on your Web site and in office correspondence?

Just think about how many places your photograph can go to: web sites, emails, printed documents, resumes and social networking. And they are out there forever.

How should I look?


A corporate portrait (head shot) is first and most important in a web search. So make a good first impression!


Studio lighting and our post production techniques make a huge difference to the finished image. Don’t leave it to a colleague with the ‘office camera’.

Choose a ‘look’ best suited to your professional needs.

  • Smiling or fairly serious?
  • Approachable but professional?
  • Mood lighting with shadow or very soft shadowless?
  • Tungsten, warm lighting i.e. warm and friendly?
  • Black and White for something arty and different?
  • If you are an executive, you might want your portrait made in your office.
  • Men should wear a suit jacket that fits well, and a dress shirt with or without a tie.
  • Women should wear a tailored jacket or a blouse paying most attention to the neckline.
  • For women, Jewellery can be a great accessory to your outfit if it fits with your features and the mood of the photo. Necklaces look best when they aren’t too large and follow your neckline.
  • Sleeves are usually more flattering than bare arms.
  • Solid colours photograph best, and most people look good in mid tones. Pastels look good on fairer complexions using lighter backdrops and winter colours are best on darker backdrops.
  • Avoid tones that match your flesh tones such as beige, tan, or very pale peach, pink, or grey).
  • Avoid wearing clothing with wild patterns or accessories that distract and take away from your face. 
  • Makeup should be graduated at the neckline and subtle; definitely not overdone.
  • Glossy makeup can be distracting if it looks too ‘shiny’.
  • Women who don’t usually wear makeup will photograph better with a little foundation.
    • You will view a selection online the same day. Orders can be made by email.
    • Ordered Photos will be emailed to you in high-resolution.
  • You or Your Company will have full rights to use of the images.
  • Fisher Photography retains the image copyright but grants you permission to use your image for business purposes.

Order Two or Three Poses

We recommend you purchase 2-3 poses. This will give you choices later.

Airbrushing (level 2) We do basic retouching on your business portraits without charging additional fees. You can choose to have a complete artwork service for small additional fee of $25. This higher level retouching can include removing blemishes, reducing under-eye lines, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, and reducing wrinkles. This is a recommended service which will make the most of your photo session.

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Perth photographer Geoff Fisher loves to photograph dogs and their owners. Are you a proud dog owner? Chances are you have plenty of snapshots of your dog but not a professional photo. An art shot like this one doesn’t happen by accident. It takes the skill of a good professional.

Taking your ‘best friend’ to the beach for a photo session with Geoff Fisher is easy to organise and you will be thrilled with the results.

Early morning and sunset are the best times because the light is usually absolutely beautiful in that ‘golden hour.’

There are many ways you can pose your dog for an individual doggy portrait or a photo with the whole family. And as the years roll by, you will be so please with your stunning canvas, set in pride of place in your home – A reminder of the love of your ‘best friend.’

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PINIMAGEIf you’ve tried and failed to make your own professional photo for web or office use, you will know it’s not as easy as it looks.

There are a few important considerations planning a professional photo.

Who will see it? What will it say about you?

When I consult with a prospective client, I imagine how their photo will be used and what mood they want to convey. Most people want to be taken seriously and look the part for their particular profession. But NOT ‘trying too hard’ and not ‘past their use by date.’

Consider what to wear that suits your profession. Look comfortable, relaxed and professional.

Many people request a little sculpturing of the face and body. We tend to joke about a ‘special deal on 5 kg this week’ and that helps lighten the mood. But jokes aside, we can make a few repairs and help with clever lighting and Photoshop.

As your professional photos will be seen by many people, you will want to feel confident knowing that they are the best you can get from someone who cares about how you look and feel about your public image.

(Geoff Fisher)

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