As a company that has done a lot of family photography in Perth, we have seen a lot of family dynamics up close and personal. One of the most cherished aspects that we have seen is the special bond that exists between mothers and daughters. When the daughter is a child, living at home, her mother is her role model.

Some of our best photos have been taken of mothers and young daughters. There is a special dynamic that can never be recaptured once the daughter becomes an adult. The bond between a mother and adult daughter can grow deeper and much more mature, especially as the daughter becomes a mother herself, but is different than the mother to child relationship.


At Fisher Photography, we specialise in capturing the unique and special bond between mothers and daughters, providing memories that last a lifetime. When both mother and daughter are older, they will always have beautiful pictures of their bond as it existed years before. We recommend taking pictures at least once a year, compiling them in an album, and looking at them frequently, to remind each other of this sacred and lifelong relationship.

As a daughter grows into adulthood, she finds that she can talk to her mother about things she would never talk about to anyone else, including her father. Daughters who go off to college often find that, contrary to popular opinion, they actually grow closer to their mothers. The daughter has more going on in her life, runs into a lot of new experiences and situations, and often leans on her mother for advice in navigating the journey into adulthood.

As the daughter becomes a mother herself, her mother becomes a source of wisdom and advice on how to raise her own family. Mothers and daughters grow especially close when the daughter is carrying her first child, and mother and daughter have the shared experience of having given birth. The daughter gains an even deeper appreciation for her mother when she realises what her mother went through to give birth to her.

There is no time like the present to celebrate the sacred bond between mother and daughter. Call (08) 6468 5961 today to start preserving your most cherished memories with our creative portrait photography services in Perth.

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In our years as Perth photographers, we have photographed a lot of fathers and sons. The bond between fathers and sons is similar to the bond between mothers and daughters, but there are some major differences. We find both bonds to be sacred and cherished, but they do have a tendency to play out differently over a lifetime.

The father is the role model for the son; it is his job to be a strong presence in his son’s life. A father usually teaches his son skills in life, work, and sport, passing on as much as his son wants to learn. Since this is a photography blog, we won’t bore you with statistics and studies, but we will point out some trends.

Boys who grow up without a father’s presence and guidance usually struggle to find their place in life. This happens not only with humans, but in almost every animal species that has been studied  The son learns how to interact in society by imitating his father. If a son does not have his father in his life, the chances of his “going off the tracks” is much greater than if he is close to his father.


On the other hand, there are not a lot of things more fun to watch than a son who shares a deep connection with his father. If both play a sport like football, the son will look like a smaller version of his father when playing the sport. If they like to fish, the son will want to use the same equipment, and even dress like his father.

At Fisher Photography, we specialise in capturing the bond between fathers and sons, creating memories that can last a lifetime. While fathers and sons communicate in a different way than mothers and daughters, their bond is still just as strong and just as deep, especially when the son is a child. Especially in action photos, the son will strive to look exactly like his father. From movements to facial expressions, the resemblance between the actions of father and son can warm the hearts of an entire family.

Call Geoff at 0414 644071 and let’s start putting together a father and son photo album that will make your entire family proud.




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Remember what it was like to be a teenager? For many, it probably felt like the whole world was against you. It probably seemed like nobody in school liked you, and even if they all did, you felt like an impostor sometimes. Even those who were extremely popular in school as teenagers often comment when they are older that they had no self-esteem, and that they felt alienated all the way through school.

Before I started my career as a Perth photographer, I would never have believed that photography can help a teenager with his or her self-esteem, but my personal belief system was influenced by  something that happened early on in my career.Foale_-013_ART_HTPINIMAGE

I was photographing a family, and a teenager was rude to his mother. I chastised him, but in a positive way. Surprisingly, he took it on board, and became a polite and respectful young man.  Eventually, he would become a London Bobby, making his mother both grateful and proud.

It would be a few years before I would make the connection, but I began to notice a pattern in our family photography subjects in the Perth area. When repeat customers would come in, I noticed that their teenagers seemed to have plenty of self-esteem, especially compared to those who had never had professional pictures taken.

I realised that the family photography sessions were having a positive effect on the self-esteem of the children in three different ways. First, it was something the family was doing together. All members of the family are treated as equals in a photography session: each as important as the other. Second, the children were being treated like adults, and being expected to act as such. They were expected to act in a civil manner, and were treated that way in return.

The third and possibly most important factor was that we take great pictures. Our photography makes normal people look like models. Look at the photos on our site: those are average people, but we have captured them at their greatest. This can be  especially profound for a teenage girl, looking at her picture and seeing a beautiful face for the first time.

Call (08) 6468 5961 today, and see for yourself.

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Our Perth photography studio is designed to be a perfect place to take pictures. Not only is it designed to be conducive to taking great photos, but it is also designed to provide a feeling of comfort to everyone who walks in the door. One of the ways that we do this is to eliminate all glare. No harsh light is allowed to enter the studio, and the lighting is soft and understated.

This creates a mellow environment, where everyone feels comfortable, and can relax and be themselves. This is a contrast to many studios, whose harsh lighting and stark environment can be so intimidating that the people being photographed never really feel comfortable. When this happens, it is difficult for people to smile naturally, and their photo sessions almost always look forced.

At Fisher Photography, our photo sessions always look natural. While we do have bright lights for certain shots, we prefer to use soft light and an artist’s eye to produce some of the most stunning photos you will ever see. We have found that soft lighting not only allows photo subjects to relax, but it also helps us bring out the natural beauty in the person being photographed.Kretzer-Tungsten-Light-1256PINIMAGE

We have found that mothers seem to particularly love our soft lighting technique, especially when we use simulated candlelight. Simulated candlelight can help uncover the soft beauty in a mother’s face. So many mothers work so hard all day that it is refreshing for them to relax in the simulated candlelight in our studio.

We have found that there is a certain intrinsic glow in a mother taking a well-deserved relaxation break from her duties, and we are experts at bringing that glow out, and allowing it to show up in your photographs. You will notice that nearly all of our photographs have a very earthy quality to them that makes everyday people look as beautiful as professional models, simply by being themselves. This is a direct result of our equipment and our belief that soft lighting should be first “default position” in any photo shoot.

If you would like to experience this phenomenon for yourself, call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071; he will help you look your absolute best.

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Hi, I’m Geoff Fisher. As owner of Fisher Photography, I have provided professional photography to Perth for over 35 years. In the course of my daily business, I’m often asked one question: “Why should I hire a professional photographer, when I can take the pictures myself or have a friend do them?”

There are many possible answers to this question. First, if you don’t care about the quality of your photos, and you don’t care whether they turn out good or not, you don’t really need a professional photographer. If you just want throwaway photos, then a throwaway camera will do great. If you just want a few casual shots, then a casual photographer will probably be fine.

However, if you want really great photographs that capture your greatest moments in time, and preserve them for the rest of your life, you need a professional photographer. If you want photographs that make you look great, whether for business or just to have a nice portrait, you need a professional photographer.

Corporate photography PerthPINIMAGE

If you want guaranteed results, with virtually no chance of failure, or you need an important event documented, you need a professional photographer. One of the biggest complaints that we hear from our clients is how a well-meaning friend or acquaintance tried to take pictures for them, but their efforts were a massive failure.

When you leave the photography to Uncle Joe, or one of your mates who just bought an “expensive” camera, it can sound great in the beginning, but the results are almost always a disappointment. I have even heard of friendships that have been ended over failed pictures.

During a picture shoot, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Professional photographers know this from experience and training, and leave nothing to chance. Something as simple as a spent battery can prevent an amateur photographer from taking any pictures at all. Subtleties such as lighting and lenses can make a huge difference, too.

Professional equipment is another factor that separates professional photographers from amateur ones. While there are some great digital cameras on the market, some of which allow amateurs to make beautiful photographs in nature, they still don’t compare to the equipment that a professional photographer brings to a session.

When an amateur photographer takes a picture, they usually point, focus, and shoot, trusting the equipment to take care of the rest. While this can produce decent photographs, a look at the photographs on our website will tell you that professionals are capable of a lot more than even a good amateur photographer.

We take into consideration such factors as lighting, exposure time, lenses, distance, and angle, to ensure that we get a perfect shot every time. In addition, our finishing process allows us to enhance your photos, ensuring that they bring out the absolute best in you, your friends, and your relatives. If you don’t believe your eyes when looking at the pictures on our site, you can always do the math. Expensive professional equipment with an experienced, professional photographer paying attention to every minute detail is going to work out better than an amateur who points, shoots, and says, “There it is.”

So, why should you believe me? Not only do I have 35 years of experience, but I have been awarded the status of “Master Photographer” by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). I have also been awarded Western Australia Portrait Photographer of the Year, a national Gold Award, and many Silver Awards from the AIPP.

My experience includes family portraits, baby and newborn portraits, corporate photography, landscape photography, product photography, couples photography, wildlife photography, and pet photography. Not only do I still take photographs, but I have personally trained every photographer who works for my company, and every photograph must go through me before it goes to a client.

At Fisher Photography, it is our mission to create long lasting memories. We expend every amount of effort that we have to make sure that we provide you with stunning photographs that present you at your best for the world to see.

Browse through our website; look at the assortment of photographs that we have taken in various venues. Notice the professional quality of the photos, but also look at how the moments have been captured with an artist’s eye. We are experts at making you comfortable, bringing out your best, and photographing it perfectly.

CJ Halvorson, an experienced IT Strategist, who is the Vice President for Strategic Accounts in Asia, Pacific, and Japan for a major IT company, sent us a testimonial after switching over from amateur photography to a professional corporate portrait:
“Geoff: Love the photo and getting great reviews already.”

So, back to the original question: “Why hire a professional photographer?” Maybe a better question would be, “Why would I hire anyone but a professional photographer if I want someone to do a professional job?”

Call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071 for more information.

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