In my 35 years of professional photography in Perth, I am often asked questions like, “How do I become a professional photographer,” or “How can I make my pictures look professional?” While I like to be helpful to aspiring amateur photographers, the problem is that there simply isn’t a short answer to either of these questions.

Becoming a Professional PhotographerDiesel_Dog-looks-upPINIMAGE

Becoming a professional photographer, in Perth or anywhere else, is a lot of work, and it takes a special kind of personality and skill set. First, it takes the combination of an artist’s eye, combined with the ability to make people feel comfortable enough around you to relax and let their best shine through for you to photograph. There are plenty of people who are great at being a “people person,” but have no eye or soul for what makes a great picture. Conversely, there are a lot of brilliant artists whose best talent with people is driving them away.

After finding someone who has these two divergent skills, a third skill must be added in: the ability to understand technology and use it to your advantage. I have personally taught many photographers, but many who have the first two traits just can’t understand how to maximise their equipment. A photographer can have the “eye” of Michelangelo, but it is worthless if he or she can’t use the current technology to translate that “eye” to a stunning photograph.

If someone possesses those three qualities, then they have to be teachable and willing to learn. And, of course, they have to be patient, because one does not learn how to become a professional photographer overnight. We are up to six qualities now; those are the people who are on their way to being professional photographers.

From then, it’s a matter of experience. The growth is very similar to the growth from child to teenager to adult. There is no day when you are suddenly a photographer, and no day when you are suddenly an authority. It is gradual and sort of “sneaks up” on you. It seems like one day you are still asking questions about how to be a professional photographer, and the next day it is you who are answering the questions.

On the road to becoming a professional photographer, and then an authority, it is important to become affiliated with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. You can become an accredited professional photographer by completing an RTO program in photography, or by practising for at least two years. If you are practising but haven’t fulfilled the requirements, you can become an emerging member or a student member.

Once you become a member, you are eligible to earn “points” for awards and achievements, and by submitting your four best prints for judging every year. If you amass enough “points” you can become a Master Photographer, as I am. Once you are awarded Master Photographer status by the AIPP, there is no doubt that you have officially become an authority on taking professional pictures.

A Storehouse of Memories

One of the first things I tell anyone I am training is that, while art, technique, and rapport with people are all very important, the most important thing to remember is this: people aren’t hiring an artist, a technician, or a manager; they are hiring someone to provide a storehouse for their memories.

Many of those who lost their homes in the Queensland floods earlier this year were sad about losing their possessions, but many felt much worse that they lost their family albums going back a century or more. A photo album is a visual family history. A grainy photograph from fifty years ago can bring someone to tears of joy, placing them back in time as though it were happening now.

I have photographed many families through the years, and sometimes, I have had the weighty responsibility of photographing families whose members have life threatening illnesses, and some who have been given finite limits on their remaining time.There is nothing more sad than having a couple who is facing imminent death of one spouse lament that they have never had a meaningful portrait taken in their entire lives. Thankfully, I can work with a heavy heart, and my professionalism takes over. And when the portraits have been finished, I can then share in the joy that they have created for the family.

In essence, professional photography is the art of creating joy by preserving cherished memories and helping them last a lifetime. If you would like stunning portraits from a Professional Master Photographer in Perth, please call 08 6468 5961 today.

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We have spent a lot of time doing maternity and baby photography in Perth, and we are firm believers that all women should have pictures taken while they are carrying a child. Over the years, we are often asked why to get maternity Woods_-080sepia 2(8x10)PINIMAGEphotos. Instead of answering the question with our opinions, we have decided to share the opinions of women who have had photos.

The Glow

If you are in your first pregnancy, you have probably noticed that your friends who are women 40 or older may have figured out you were pregnant before you did. While you may look in the mirror and see yourself as “gaining weight,” others look at you and see a beauty that is unique to a woman carrying a child. One hormone in particular, called relaxin, does exactly what it sounds like, and mellows your facial features. Savvy women can see this in other women. It makes for some of the most beautiful photographs you will ever take.

Your Belly is a Positive Instead of a Negative

In your normal state, if you look at your stomach and it protrudes, you probably berate yourself, or at least don’t like it. When you are pregnant, your belly is now beautiful, because it has a child in it. Because you are less self-conscious about your stomach sticking out, your insecurities disappear, and you exude confidence. This also makes for great photos.

Thanks for the Memories

It is like this with all photos, but especially when you are pregnant: you are preserving a very special memory, and you are preserving it for a lifetime. Also, when your child is an adult, you have no idea how much you will both enjoy looking at photos of you carrying him or her.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the occasion. Maybe it’s because of all the beauty we are bringing to the surface. Whatever it is, pregnancy shoots are some of our most fun sessions, for mother and for the photographer. We are so used to having fun on pregnancy sessions that it has become second nature and something we expect.

Part 2 is coming next week. To find out more on our photography services in Perth, call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071.

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Last week, we explained how our more than 30 years of experience as Perth photographers has Creative-PregnancyPINIMAGEgiven us a great appreciation and love for taking pregnancy photos. We gave a few reasons that people who have had maternity photos taken like them so much. Here are a few more reasons to have maternity photos taken.


Whether this is your first child, your last, or anywhere in between, it is your special time. That means that, within the bounds of taste, you can do what you want. We recommend that you go to Google images and enter “pregnancy photos”. You will find plenty of different shots. Some will be posed, and some will be of a more candid style.

Whatever you prefer, show us. We also have permission to use quite a few of our photos, and you may find some poses you like there, too. We can do sessions at the beach, your house, our studio, a spa, in nature, or in a posh hotel room. We also recommend that you be sure to include your husband, because there is a purity in the love between husband and wife in pregnancy photos that cannot be duplicated further down the road. This leads to the next reason:

The Sacred Bond

As we mentioned earlier on, the bond between husband and wife is incredibly strong during pregnancy photo sessions. We have seen many a man let go with tears during these sessions. This bond is so strong and so sacred that words can’t do it justice. However, photographs can. This also holds true for siblings. A photo of a child hugging his or her unborn sibling is extremely powerful, and accelerates the bonding process.

You Get So Much for your Money from a Professional Photographer 

If you have a friend who takes photos with even a nice digital camera, it just isn’t the same. We know how to elicit and capture the absolute best from you, and preserve it for a lifetime. It doesn’t feel like any effort on your part, because we make it so much fun. And the great looking pictures you get are well worth the small amount you spend.

Carpe Diem

Seize the moment, because it is gone before you know it. Call (08) 6468 5961 today.

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So, when a photographer in Perth needs a picture taken of his own family, and he wants to be Geoff Fisher family 1993 7x5inPINIMAGEincluded in the photo, who does he get to do it? He hires a professional colleague.

I was going through our family archive, and found an old family photo from 20 years ago. For a moment, I forgot that I am a professional photographer. I was a human being looking at a picture of myself and my family at a time when things were totally different than they are now. My eyes began to mist over a bit, and I realised that what applies for everyone else applies to me, too. This day at the beach was a singular moment, frozen in time, and it can never, ever be repeated.

The photograph took me back to 1993. I could smell the beach air; for some reason, it seems like it was fresher back then. I could remember when I was still a fairly young father, and I was only 15 years into my career as a photographer in Perth. A time when, even though I was working hard, time just seemed to go by slowly, as though we would always have all of the time in the world to enjoy life.

Things were less complicated then; there wasn’t even an Internet for most of us yet, because there was no flat monthly service. Smartphones were “dumb phones,” in huge, clunky boxes, and there were no tablet computers. My kids were living at home, and we had a beautiful family dog named Bach. I even had some hair at that point.

Now, it’s twenty years later. Time seems to be going twice as fast as it did back then. The kids have their own homes now. Bach is in that great dog kennel in the sky. We have a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone, along with our own website. My hair, however, is long gone.

It got me to thinking: what is life going to be like in another 20 years? And it made me remember that it’s time for another set of photos.

It’s never too early to preserve your cherished memories. Call (08) 6468 5961 and start saving memories today.

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One of the most fun aspects of our years spent doing baby photography in Perth is the sheer, Little-Girl-CrawlingPINIMAGEunbridled emotion that is involved. The expression “innocent as a baby” is no accident. Babies are too young to be self-conscious. Consequently, they are totally honest, and their emotions are on full display.

This is great for baby photo sessions. While it often takes a long time to make an adult comfortable in front of a camera, the baby doesn’t even know what a camera is yet, and always has a natural, “organic” look on his or her face. We recommend taking baby shots at monthly intervals, including newborn. Here are some tips for great photos at a few crucial junctures.

Remember, though, the most important tip is to hire an experienced professional photographer. We know how to get the best photos at the best times.


Newborns sleep a lot, but they are processing a lot when they open their eyes. They are seeing the world for the first time, and they are totally dependent on their mother. This is a beautiful time to take some of the most pure photographs you will ever take. We like to photograph the baby being held by the mother if possible.

One Month

The baby is more alert, and is at ease with both parents. This is a great time to get posed shots using the parents as cushions. Awake or asleep, this is a fun time.

Three Months

Your baby will start to show a bit of personality in his or her face at three months, and you will see the beginnings of facial expressions. The best results are when the parent holds the child and waits for some kind of movement or expression to surface.

Five Months

Your baby can sit up now, and is developing a bit more personality. There will be more variance in facial expressions, and priceless photos can be taken at this juncture.

One Year

This is where the baby’s personality starts to shine. There is a very popular baby photo called the “cake smash,” in which you give the child a cake with frosting on it, and let them go wild on it. Highly recommended.

Call (08) 6468 5961 to learn more.

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