We have completed a lot of photography projects in Perth. Sometimes photography is serious,sometimes it’s more casual, sometimes it is more fun. One of the more fun aspects of our profession is when we get to do pet photography.

One of the great things about pets is that they don’t care how they look on camera. It takes a lot of talent and rapport to help human subjects feel comfortable in front of a camera; indeed, a lack of the ability to develop rapport has done in many a photographer’s career before it gets started.

With pets, though, they don’t even know a camera is there and they don’t feel self-conscious about it. Photographers love pet photography sessions because they can concentrate on the other things that help make a great picture, like exposure time, lighting, background and what camera to use.

If you click on the “pets in Perth” portion of our website, you will see several stunning examples of pet photography that we have done here at Fisher Photography. You will see underwater photos, “dark” shots, and multiple photos of a dog on a white background. But you will see a few casual shots of owners holding their pets, too.

One thing you will see in the photos is that many of the photos look “larger than life,” and every one brings out the good points of the pet in question. This is not an accident. We have spent over 35 years amassing experience in photography. We know what lens to use and how to use natural light to our advantage to make your pets look larger than life.

We also know tricks to get your pet playing, jumping and basically looking their finest during the session. Most of all, we have the talent to produce great looking photographs that capture your pet’s personality perfectly.

We have seen a lot of pet owners try to duplicate what we do at home but it just doesn’t work. They almost never have enough equipment and don’t know nearly as many “tricks of the trade” as we do.

The bottom line is that we can provide the stunning pictures of your pet at a reasonable price. Call (08) 6468 5961 today.

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Osborne_2PINIMAGEAs one of the foremost providers of professional photography in Perth, we are often asked how to take great pictures. Most people think that if they spend a bunch of money on an expensive digital camera, great pictures will happen by themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some elements that are essential when trying to take great photographs.


Even an inexperienced professional photographer who has been trained in the art of photography is going to be better at taking pictures than most amateurs will. Training programs give photographers experience and they teach the basics of taking great photographs.

Experience and knowledge count for a lot. They help a photographer decide the exact right moment when to snap a photo. They also help the photographer decide what lens to use, what distance to shoot from and how wide or tight of a shot to take.

Correct Light and Colour

This ties into the experience and knowledge factor, but it is essential for taking great photographs. There are certain lenses and angles to use with natural light and others to use with artificial light. Artificial light can come in many forms and can be used at many varying intensities and angles.

Intelligent use of lighting can be the difference between a shot that looks like a movie advertisement and a shot that looks like a home photograph. Browse through the many photographs on this site and you will see how lighting has made a big difference in the shots.

Light can also determine which colours stand out and which ones blend into the background. The subject, his or her clothing, the surroundings, the background and the light all play a big part in how a photograph looks.

The Artist/Poet’s Eye

Ultimately, this makes all the difference in the world. There is a correct moment to take a photograph. There is an exact angle, lens and exposure time for every shot. But most of all, there is a correct place to take a photograph. An experienced, professional photographer knows exactly when, where and how to shoot the perfect photograph.

Browse our site and look at our work. Then call (08) 6468 5961; you’ll be happy you did.

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Perth is full of “professional photographers”–just ask them. Sometimes, it seems like anyone who has $500, can afford a camera and a pocket full of business cards, call themselves a “professional photographer.” While we don’t want to denigrate anyone in our industry, we would be amiss if we didn’t warn you that there are a lot of people out there who–to put it bluntly–just aren’t very good.

We feel that it is our duty to protect the public from incompetent amateurs masquerading as professionals. We have been professional photographers in Perth for over 35 years and we have heard about every “horror story” scenario imaginable.

Most of the horror stories involved inexperienced photographers who meant well but simply couldn’t produce when the pressure was on, or didn’t have the knowledge or experience to transcend the immediate environment or situation. Unfortunately, that can cause great disappointment and cause consumers to waste money.Taylor-022PINIMAGE

Here is a guide to factors that make a difference, and why experience is so important when choosing a photographer.

Professional Quality

There is no way to sugar-coat this; experienced photographers are going to produce higher-quality work. As a person grows from an amateur to a professional photographer, their standards become a lot higher. Many don’t even notice the bar being raised, but experience gives a person a better idea of what to do and when to do it.

Experience also allows a person to make every mistake in the book and learn from it. An inexperienced photographer is going to make mistakes. More often than not, an experienced photographer isn’t going to make mistakes because he or she have already made them all before and have learned from them.

The “Wow Factor”

Look at the pictures on our site. Every single one of them has what we call the “wow factor.” We have been around long enough to know that an inexperienced photographer, even with expensive equipment, isn’t going to be able to get the results that we have gotten on the photos we are displaying here on the website.

Consistent Results

The bottom line is that our photographers are experienced and talented. I have personally taught our standards and methods to everyone on our staff. Call (08) 6468 5961 to see why experience matters.

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Family Photography has replaced commercial art on a lot of Perth walls. A lot of people love to hang paintings on their walls–and that’s fine. But the feedback we have obtained from 35 years’ worth of satisfied customers tells us that family photographs can become a source of pride, and give a house and its walls a very homespun look and feel.

We offer many different frames and sizes to lend a touch of class to your house while making you and your family the subject of gorgeous photographs. Photographs are a great way to preserve your precious memories and an even better way to document your family’s history.

Babies become adults before we know it; time passes slowly sometimes, but when your young adults leave your home, it seems like it was yesterday that they were children. One of the saddest regrets we hear on a regular basis is when someone whose kids are gone says, “I wish we had gotten pictures before they grew up.”


At its best, family photography captures your family’s finest moments and suspends them in time for you to relive them over and over again. If you get family pictures taken at least once a year, it provides a timeline that serves as a narrative to your life story.

Once pictures are taken, they are always there for you and your family to view whenever you want, especially if they are on your wall. We offer single image wall art, which is in stretched canvas, crystal acrylic or framed print finishes.

We also offer framed 8 X 10 prints in sets of five or larger prints starting at 11 X 14. In addition, photos can be put into albums or kept as photo box sets.

For the more adventurous, we offer crystal acrylic ice blocks. These are at the bottom of the products page and have to be seen to be believed. They are great for tables and shelves, and will present your family in a medium that is–simply put–stunningly beautiful.

If you would like to learn more about how to replace boring prints from mediocre painters with eye-popping photographs of your own family, please contact us today on (08) 6468 5961.

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We take our standing as providers of professional photography in Perth very seriously. Consequently, we are always on the lookout for advances in the field, but also for irresponsible writing that produces false expectations among consumers.

Recently, on a popular computer website, we came upon a blog piece which led readers to believe that they would soon be able to take professional photographs using their iPhones. While we love iPhones and respect what they have done to make 21st century life so much easier than it was in the 20th century, we feel that it is our responsibility to the community to respond to this piece.


Once again, we respect the iPhone. It is a powerful computer that is small enough to hold in your hand, and honestly, we have seen some decent pictures uploaded to Facebook from iPhones. But you aren’t going to see a professional photographer using an iPhone as his main piece of equipment any time soon.

Recently, AppleInsider found a patent that was recently filed by Apple. They found patents for remote lighting hardware, much like that professional photographers use.

The patented devices will allow the iPhone to use optical signals generated by the camera to control flash units. It will also allow the iPhone to control outside, third party lighting devices. After the iPhone takes a primary photograph, it will be analysed by the iPhone, and a notification will appear on the screen, telling the photographer how to find the best angle for the photograph.

Once again, we applaud Apple for its progress in the field and we admire AppleInsider’s vigilance at uncovering information concerning Apple’s next product improvements.

That being said, these improvements are simply not going to enable anyone to take a professional photograph with an iPhone.

First of all, the lens is too small. No amount of digital instruction about how to get the “perfect angle” is going to compensate for the hardware’s shortcomings. Also, while one must have professional equipment to take a professional photograph, the photographer is the determining factor.

It is the experienced, professional photographer who is going to determine how great a shot is. An amateur with an iPhone isn’t ever going to take professional photographs.

Call (08) 6468 5961 for more information.

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