With 35 years of experience in the field, Fisher Photography provides some of the best photographs in the Perth area. We know what we’re doing when it comes to any kind of photo shoot, some of which can be tricky.  For example, what to wear to a photo shoot.

Maternity shoots can provide a challenge when it comes to choosing clothing, so we provide some expert advice for soon-to-be mothers.MizaeePreg-005-8_0x10_0-01-APINIMAGE

The biggest thing to remember when preparing for the shoot is to wear clothing that you would normally wear, or not drastically different from what you would normally wear. The key is to make sure the photos would look not so far from the ‘natural’ you.

That being said, there are a few rules you should adhere to. When it comes to fabrics, you want to wear something that’s clingy but not too tight. A healthy balance is recommended here with a tug towards the tighter side. This goes for pants, tops, and hanging pieces of fabric.

Dresses also follow this guideline and can be great for the shoot if worn correctly. Dresses that cling more can show off your shape, and ruching on the sides can work wonders.

With tops, button-down shirts tend to work well, either men’s shirts or any shirt that closes like this. Slight V-necks or scoop-down necks are also a good idea.

Simple pants that fit the criteria for tightness are useful if you decide to go that route. Single coloured jeans or yoga pants seem to work best in this regard.

If you have anything unique to yourself, such as long scarves, bring them in because they can be used in great artistic ways to look good and show off your personality. That being said, jewellery and watches are a bad idea unless they have some really special significance. Wedding or engagement rings are encouraged.

For a colour scheme, try to stick to a solid colour on each article and avoid bright colours such as yellow, pink and lime green.

These guidelines along with our expertise will guarantee that your photographs turn out the best they can be.

For more information about hiring one of the best photographers in Perth for your special maternity shoot, please call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071.

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When it comes to newborn photography, we at Fisher Photography know about safety tips that are essential to ensuring that the child is secure, while maintaining our artistic vision; this makes us one of the best and brightest in the Perth area.

Safety is essential in dealing with newborn babies because they are much different to shoot than adults. With adults, you can tell them what to do and how to move to make the session much easier, but this is impossible with incredibly young infants. Newborns are also much more fragile, making safe practices much vital.

The first thing to consider is when to schedule your newborn photo shoot. The ideal time is within two to seven days from their birth, ensuring that we can get them in more relaxed and sleeping poses. In addition, this time is often the most memorable and irreplaceable, so it makes sense to capture these days for forever.

During the actual shoot, it’s important to remember that newborns are fragile– but they are little people also. This means that they deserve the respect we would give to any of our clients.

Comfort is key in showing this respect and newborns need a lot of it. The temperature should be kept stable, not too warm or too cold. Blood flow should not be impeded in any way due to hard poses or anything of the like. There should be no stray objects, such as dust or fuzz from fabrics in the air that could disrupt the child.

The newborn baby should never be placed in poses that are potentially dangerous, like balancing on something. Even if the child is sleeping, he or she could wake up, disrupting the balanced pose that could hurt his/herself. No potentially hazardous items, such as glass be used during the shoot.

Newborns are some of the most beautiful shoots we can do, but we have to remember that safety in this case is more important than art. Luckily, we can do both and preserve these special moments in photographs.

For more information about having a session at one of the best places for photography in Perth, please call 6468 5961.

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Being a studio renowned for portrait photography in Perth, family photos are one of our specialities. Having been shooting family portraits for the past 35 years, I know that these can be some of the most memorable and special pieces in any home.

Every time you pass by your family portrait, it brings to mind the bond you share and promotes the unity you have together. Some families have them done every few years to show the passage of time between them.


Whether you have them done once or every few years, the question remains as to how you want your portrait to look. Specifically, what kind of scenery would you like to have in the background and what kind of photo are you going for?

The possibilities are limitless for where you can have your portrait taken. Some people choose to have them done in the studio, and this is a good idea if you have babies or very young children.

However, for most families, there are plenty of outdoor options to consider. Since this photo shoot involves the whole family, it’s a good idea to select a location that bears some significance for everyone involved.

One common idea and one obvious choise is the family’s backyard, a place . where plenty of the family’s activities or gatherings have been on. In addition, there are a lot of ways to dress up the backyard to make it more presentable and meaningful for a photo shoot.

Sometimes a park or outdoor area that the family often visits is a good place to take the family portrait, too. There are many in Perth that families bring their kids to, and if everyone loves it, it could be a meaningful place.

The whole city is a potential place for a shoot, too.  Be it a special street or lakefront, it could be the place where your family could take its portrait. Remember that these moments will be captured in time for ages and passed on for generations, so it’s important to select somewhere meaningful to show the family’s love for one another.

For more information about having your family portraits done by one of the best photographers in Perth, call 0414 644 071.

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Being a centre of portrait photography for all of the Perth area for about 35 years, we know all about family portraits and the impact they can have on a family. But just what is it about family portraits that make them so special and why are they so important to a family, or rather, why should they be?

Family portraits are, by their definition, a snapshot of the entire family together. This may seem obvious, but it has great bearings on the significance of the photograph itself. By capturing in time all of the family together, it symbolises unity within the family and tells themselves and all others that they are a family united in love.

By the whole family getting together to take the portrait, it shows that they all care about each other enough to want to have that moment together preserved in a photo.

As if that weren’t enough to warrant the taking of a family portrait, the physical photo itself is important because it holds not only that symbol of unity, but also the memory of the family being together.

The portrait itself will last for many years after its taking and that memory of the family being together will remain with it. Even after all of the children are grown and off living their dreams, they will still look at the family portrait and remember when they were young. If multiple portraits are taken over the years, which is not uncommon, they can see their growth, as can the parents.

Family portraits can also be shared with other, more distant relatives. Aunts and uncles of one or both of the parents would love to come over and see how their sister or brother is doing with their family and that can remind them that are all united as well. Grandparents too become warm-hearted when they see their legacy being continued through their children.

Family portraits help bring families together in an almost mystical way. Over the course of time, that photo will still stand as a symbol of familial love and a memento of time spent together.

To make an appointment for your own family’s portrait with some of the best photographers in Perth, call (08) 6468 5961.

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With 35 years of experience under our belts, there are few, if any, professional photographers in the Perth area who can attest to the same. Having been in the field for so long, we know almost everything worth knowing about how to take incredible pictures.


While this does take considerable skill, there is a little bit more to professional photography than taking the actual shoots themselves. The post-production of the pictures is also an important aspect of creating memorable portraits because they are the final products you will have hanging in your home.

Some photographers like to give you the images either electronically or printed and let you handle how to frame and display them. We think that is not a very smart move.

Professional portrait studios generally prefer to handle the printing and framing of finished products, rather than giving that responsibility to their clients, because they have more experience with creating finished products. While a client may know what looks well to them personally, professionals know what is universally acceptable.

Framing a finished portrait is a work of art not unlike a painting or mural. Not only is the image itself important, but how it is displayed can enhance or tarnish a good photograph. The photographer makes sure that the type of frame doesn’t clash with anything in the portrait.

There is also a question of quality when handling the photos after a shoot. While most of the photos turn out excellent, there are probably a few taken in the shoot that aren’t worth printing out. A professional knows which ones are the best and which ones are worth framing and thus can decide to use those as a finished product.

When it comes to the framing, photographers often also know how to do it correctly so that the piece will look overall well done and last many years. Framing itself can be an artwork and they have creative ways of making your portraits stand out.

With our amount of experience, we know what files to use and how to best frame your portraits to make them the best they can be.

To let our masters of professional photography take care of all aspects of your photo production in Perth or wherever you are, please call (08) 6468 5961.

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