Having been in Perth for many years, we’ve taken many photographs of many people and become some of the best photographers in the area. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things, not only about the art of photography, but about how these photos can affect you and your family.

One of these things is that seeing pictures of yourself and your family on the wall growing up can have a positive effect on your mental well-being as a teenager. In other words, your teens will have better mental health if they grow up with seeing pictures of themselves on the walls and counters of their home.

The reasoning for this makes sense when you look at it in the scope of teen psychology. According to the late famous developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, growing up, even into adulthood, is about solving a series of “crises.”

While many of these are resolved naturally, during the adolescent years, the challenge is finding one’s identity or facing role confusion. The teen has the chance to find what he or she may consider his or her true identity or not and be lost.

This can be quite the challenge however and some teens may find themselves trying different, sometimes not so good, things in an effort to establish who they really are.

What does this have to do with seeing photographs however? If a child grows up seeing themselves in family portraits or in individual professional photographs, they see may begin to see themselves, literally and figuratively, as truly part of that family.

The fact that their parents paid the money to get them photographed means, at least to them, that they care about them. Seeing themselves constantly will remind them that they are part of the family.

In the crisis of trying to find out what they can identify themselves as, the teens will literally find the answer in front of them. When all is said and done, they can look at them having grown up in a family and know that their identity is a member of that family.

This will help them greatly in the long run.

For more information about scheduling a professional photography session with the best in Perth, call 6468 5961.

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Having been in the business of professional photography in Perth for over 35 years, we’ve learned much that has helped us become one of the best photographers not only in the area, but in the country. We know how to make sure that your portraits turn out the best they can and there are a number of techniques for this.Gannon-3879editPINIMAGE


One of the most common concerns for individuals, couples, and families that come into the studio for a shoot is how they look and how they will pose for the camera to get the best shots. While this is a very real concern, it is little to worry about on the part of the client.

When preparing for a photoshoot, you can only do so much to ensure that they turn out perfectly. The obvious actions are to tailor one’s hair, makeup and wardrobe to match what you want to present in the shoot. After this is done however, there is little you can do except hope that it all stays together right.

During the pre-session meeting, we talk with our clients about what they want to wear and look like. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this meeting to determine all of these things to ensure that the shoot goes more smoothly.

During the actual shoot itself, it is tempting to worry about posing and how that will affect the photographs, however this is unnecessary. A good photographer will know exactly how you should pose and what you should go for during the shoot to make sure that the photos turn out right.

You shouldn’t worry about posing because the photographer is behind the lens and knows how you look like in that moment better than you do. The best thing to do is to trust in him or her and let the rest take care of itself.

Family portraits and other types of shoots are big moments for any person and anyone wants to make sure they turn out perfectly. After taking the necessary preparations, leave the rest up to us and we guarantee they’ll turn out great.

To schedule an appointment with one of the best photographers in Perth, please call us at 6468 5961.

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We know that family photography is very important due to our roughly 35 years of serving the Perth areas with magnificent family portraits. There’s something magical about a family getting together to preserve their special moments together in film for generations to enjoy.

However, during the actual family shoots, sometimes problems can arise and one of the most common is the children acting up and not cooperating. This causes a number of disruptions because then the shoot has to stop to calm the child down and the pictures can turn out bad if the child is not participating.


In all our years of photographing children, we’ve learned techniques that can prevent this disruption from occurring and are able to control the situation if it does.

The first and most important thing to remember when bringing your children in for a family or individual shoot is respect. If the child is treated with respect both before and during the shoot, he or she will be less likely to act out. Time constraints can stress the child out also, leading him or her to misbehave.

For the most part, children of a young age don’t have a lot of problems with photo shoots because they love the attention it gives them and makes them feel special. Generally speaking, a fit or tantrum is a temporary mood swing that passes quickly.

Should a problem arise however, there are ways to diffuse the situation. Some parents think that giving them sweets make them happier and thus more compliant during the shoot. However this is a bad idea. Sweets can make the child more hyper and cause dribbling in infants that makes the photos worse.

The best thing to do in this case is to temporarily engage them in activities that are pleasing to them or dialogue with them about topics that they find interesting. This will divert their attention from whatever caused the commotion and lend the rest of the shoot to run more smoothly.

Children can sometimes be rowdy, but following this advice, problems can be kept to a minimum and the photographs turn out great.

To schedule your portrait photography session with the best in Perth, call (08) 6468 5961.

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Being in the city of Perth for many years, we’ve been the photographers to many individuals, couples, and families. Because of this, we’ve learned a lot about how families interact before and during photo shoots.

Photography PerthPINIMAGE

One of the things that some families have trouble with is in dealing with getting the children ready for their family or individual portraits. Sometimes a child doesn’t want to wear the special outfit that you picked out for him or her and this can cause tantrums that disrupt the photo shoot before it even begins.

If this happens, there are a few techniques you can use to get the child to wear the outfit in a healthy and productive manner.

The most important thing to remember is: do not panic. If the child initially doesn’t want to wear the outfit, don’t force it on him or her. Pushing and creating a sense of urgency will only escalate the situation and make everything from that point needlessly more difficult.

Instead, calmly talking to the child can do wonders for his or her mood. It doesn’t have to be about the photo shoot, but changing the subject to get him or her to calm down will distract the child from what he or she initially didn’t want and create a better mood. After diffusing the fit, try again with a smile on.

Sometimes the child, for whatever reason, just really doesn’t want to wear the outfit. Giving in is a terrible idea and only reinforces the behaviour. If something can be changed, do it, but if the outfit is special, stick to it.

Tell the child that the outfit was picked out just for him or her. This will make them feel special. In some cases, select a different family member and present the choice from their point of view. For example, say “Grandma would be very happy if you wore this.”

Handling children for a photo shoot can be difficult, but it comes together great in the end.

We’ve done a lot of portrait photography for families in the Perth area, so we will do all that we can to make sure yours run smoothly too. To make an appointment, please call (08) 6468 5961.

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We at Fisher Photography have been in the business of professional photography and have made our home in Perth for over 35 years. As such, we know more than most people just how important and precious these kinds of photographs are to families, couples and individuals.

Maternity and Newborn ShootsPINIMAGE

So what exactly is it about photographs that makes them so special? Why is it so important to invest in professional ones rather than ones you take from your camera or cell phone at home?

When people spend time and share experiences together, they naturally forge memories of those times and experiences. Although that will live on in the memories of the individuals, people usually forget normal experiences, such as going to a party with friends, having a weekly family dinner, a weekend at the beach.

Photographs, by their nature, capture in print a moment in time. Every time a person sees a photograph, they remember the time when it was taken and relive the experience. Everyday events warrant everyday photos and help keep the memories alive.

However, special moments require special means of preservation; that is where professionally done photographs come into play.

While normal cameras are good for capturing general events for those special occasions in life, professional ones are a “must.” Weddings, milestone birthdays, the beginning of a new family and more, are all important events in peoples’ lives that are worth remembering in a special way. But it’s not ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events that warrant professional photographs. Yearly family portraits or large corporate events are important, too.

Just what do you get when you sign up for a studio appointment and have your portraits professionally done?

A true professional photographer knows exactly what it takes to bring out the best in their clients and make them look and feel the best they can during the shoot. They know what clothes you should wear, what kind of makeup to put on, how to position or pose yourself, how the lighting affects your appearance, what kind of background you should use or where you should naturally take a photograph–and anything else necessary to make sure your photographs turn out perfectly.

An untrained cameraman can take all the pictures he or she would like, but the reality is that without a professional eye, your photos may incite memories but they won’t look nearly as great as they would. Those special moments in life are worth preserving in photographs that speak to the uniqueness of the occasion or of the significance of the subjects being taken.

Family portraits are a key example of this. A professional photographer can do everything in his or her power to make sure that everyone’s “good side” is showing and that the entire scene is precious. It looks so much better compared to a snapshot of the whole family in the backyard taken by cell phone, where the light often distorts the scene and anything random can happen. Professionals can turn a normal “family snap” to a piece of artwork.

Things like family portraits, couples pictures, maternity shoots and newborn stills signify something great in the lives of those being photographed. These images are then printed and framed–and even that is part of the artwork process.

Once a portrait is printed out, the framing that is used can decide how people who view it will perceive it. The wrong kind of frame can clash with the subjects or background in the picture and thereby make the whole image seem worse than it is. Frames, too, can speak to the significance of the photo. Giving a more ornate frame to a special photograph can make its meaning stand out even more.

Once the product is finished and brought home, it can be enjoyed by all those who look upon it. Families can view their bond of unity in a more physical way, couples can gaze upon their intimacy, and new parents can look in joy at the marvel they brought into the world.

Professional photographs are a type of artwork. When done correctly, they stand for great significance to be enjoyed by the whole family. More than that, children can grow up being proud of their family–and their children can see what came before them.

We take great pride in our work and guarantee that we will do the very best we can to make sure your special moments are captured perfectly, to be enjoyed for generations to come.

For more information and to schedule your own appointment with some of the first-rate professional photographers in the Perth area, call 9381 2233.

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