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Celebrating Fathers and Sons

In our years as Perth photographers, we have photographed a lot of fathers and sons. The bond between fathers and sons is similar to the bond between mothers and daughters, but there are some major differences. We find both bonds to be sacred and cherished, but they do have a tendency to play out differently over a lifetime.

The father is the role model for the son; it is his job to be a strong presence in his son’s life. A father usually teaches his son skills in life, work, and sport, passing on as much as his son wants to learn. Since this is a photography blog, we won’t bore you with statistics and studies, but we will point out some trends.

Boys who grow up without a father’s presence and guidance usually struggle to find their place in life. This happens not only with humans, but in almost every animal species that has been studied  The son learns how to interact in society by imitating his father. If a son does not have his father in his life, the chances of his “going off the tracks” is much greater than if he is close to his father.


On the other hand, there are not a lot of things more fun to watch than a son who shares a deep connection with his father. If both play a sport like football, the son will look like a smaller version of his father when playing the sport. If they like to fish, the son will want to use the same equipment, and even dress like his father.

At Fisher Photography, we specialise in capturing the bond between fathers and sons, creating memories that can last a lifetime. While fathers and sons communicate in a different way than mothers and daughters, their bond is still just as strong and just as deep, especially when the son is a child. Especially in action photos, the son will strive to look exactly like his father. From movements to facial expressions, the resemblance between the actions of father and son can warm the hearts of an entire family.

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