Celebrating the Bond Between Mothers and Daughters

As a company that has done a lot of family photography in Perth, we have seen a lot of family dynamics up close and personal. One of the most cherished aspects that we have seen is the special bond that exists between mothers and daughters. When the daughter is a child, living at home, her mother is her role model.

Some of our best photos have been taken of mothers and young daughters. There is a special dynamic that can never be recaptured once the daughter becomes an adult. The bond between a mother and adult daughter can grow deeper and much more mature, especially as the daughter becomes a mother herself, but is different than the mother to child relationship.


At Fisher Photography, we specialise in capturing the unique and special bond between mothers and daughters, providing memories that last a lifetime. When both mother and daughter are older, they will always have beautiful pictures of their bond as it existed years before. We recommend taking pictures at least once a year, compiling them in an album, and looking at them frequently, to remind each other of this sacred and lifelong relationship.

As a daughter grows into adulthood, she finds that she can talk to her mother about things she would never talk about to anyone else, including her father. Daughters who go off to college often find that, contrary to popular opinion, they actually grow closer to their mothers. The daughter has more going on in her life, runs into a lot of new experiences and situations, and often leans on her mother for advice in navigating the journey into adulthood.

As the daughter becomes a mother herself, her mother becomes a source of wisdom and advice on how to raise her own family. Mothers and daughters grow especially close when the daughter is carrying her first child, and mother and daughter have the shared experience of having given birth. The daughter gains an even deeper appreciation for her mother when she realises what her mother went through to give birth to her.

There is no time like the present to celebrate the sacred bond between mother and daughter. Call (08) 6468 5961 today to start preserving your most cherished memories with our creative portrait photography services in Perth.

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