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Controlling your Child during a Photo Shoot

We know that family photography is very important due to our roughly 35 years of serving the Perth areas with magnificent family portraits. There’s something magical about a family getting together to preserve their special moments together in film for generations to enjoy.

However, during the actual family shoots, sometimes problems can arise and one of the most common is the children acting up and not cooperating. This causes a number of disruptions because then the shoot has to stop to calm the child down and the pictures can turn out bad if the child is not participating.


In all our years of photographing children, we’ve learned techniques that can prevent this disruption from occurring and are able to control the situation if it does.

The first and most important thing to remember when bringing your children in for a family or individual shoot is respect. If the child is treated with respect both before and during the shoot, he or she will be less likely to act out. Time constraints can stress the child out also, leading him or her to misbehave.

For the most part, children of a young age don’t have a lot of problems with photo shoots because they love the attention it gives them and makes them feel special. Generally speaking, a fit or tantrum is a temporary mood swing that passes quickly.

Should a problem arise however, there are ways to diffuse the situation. Some parents think that giving them sweets make them happier and thus more compliant during the shoot. However this is a bad idea. Sweets can make the child more hyper and cause dribbling in infants that makes the photos worse.

The best thing to do in this case is to temporarily engage them in activities that are pleasing to them or dialogue with them about topics that they find interesting. This will divert their attention from whatever caused the commotion and lend the rest of the shoot to run more smoothly.

Children can sometimes be rowdy, but following this advice, problems can be kept to a minimum and the photographs turn out great.

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