Corporate Photographs in the Best Lighting


As a master of all different types of photo shoots, Fisher Photography also has vast experience with corporate photography with many different companies in the Perth area. This is more of a specialised field, but with 35 years in the photography business, we have it covered.

With the rise of communication in business, well-done portraits for corporate reasons are becoming more and more important for promoting your business and portraying it in a good light.

To have the best portraits possible, there are a few key ideas to keep in mind. By following these guidelines, you will hopefully impress both your clients and your superiors.

The first thing to consider before you actually make the appointment to have your portrait done is the ‘where’ and the ‘what’ of it: where it will be taken, what you will wear. These two things are highly related and are probably the most important aspect of the image you want to portray.

Both of them also depend on what kind of position you have. If you work in an office building and you’re some kind of a manager or office worker, then a more formal look is encouraged such as a business suit. This makes you look more professional.

However, if you are a field worker of any kind, then you might want to consider taking the shoot where you work in an area that looks like where you actually work. For example, if you are in the construction business and your typical uniform is a field outfit and you’d want to wear that uniform, wash it first, of course, and be at a construction site.

The idea behind any corporate photograph is to portray you in your typical business setting, be it in a cosy office or anywhere outdoors.

We can also edit corporate photos; however, we recommend that you keep this at a minimum. Unlike other types of photography, corporate ones are supposed to be more professional, thus keeping any doctored glamour to a minimum is most fitting.

We can, however, fix anything you need and we travel all around Perth to make sure that the photography turns out the best it can be and show you off just right.

For more information and to schedule a corporate photo shoot anywhere, please call 6468 5961.