Exactly What to Wear to a Maternity Shoot

With 35 years of experience in the field, Fisher Photography provides some of the best photographs in the Perth area. We know what we’re doing when it comes to any kind of photo shoot, some of which can be tricky.  For example, what to wear to a photo shoot.

Maternity shoots can provide a challenge when it comes to choosing clothing, so we provide some expert advice for soon-to-be mothers.MizaeePreg-005-8_0x10_0-01-APINIMAGE

The biggest thing to remember when preparing for the shoot is to wear clothing that you would normally wear, or not drastically different from what you would normally wear. The key is to make sure the photos would look not so far from the ‘natural’ you.

That being said, there are a few rules you should adhere to. When it comes to fabrics, you want to wear something that’s clingy but not too tight. A healthy balance is recommended here with a tug towards the tighter side. This goes for pants, tops, and hanging pieces of fabric.

Dresses also follow this guideline and can be great for the shoot if worn correctly. Dresses that cling more can show off your shape, and ruching on the sides can work wonders.

With tops, button-down shirts tend to work well, either men’s shirts or any shirt that closes like this. Slight V-necks or scoop-down necks are also a good idea.

Simple pants that fit the criteria for tightness are useful if you decide to go that route. Single coloured jeans or yoga pants seem to work best in this regard.

If you have anything unique to yourself, such as long scarves, bring them in because they can be used in great artistic ways to look good and show off your personality. That being said, jewellery and watches are a bad idea unless they have some really special significance. Wedding or engagement rings are encouraged.

For a colour scheme, try to stick to a solid colour on each article and avoid bright colours such as yellow, pink and lime green.

These guidelines along with our expertise will guarantee that your photographs turn out the best they can be.

For more information about hiring one of the best photographers in Perth for your special maternity shoot, please call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071.