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Create your family memories that'll last for generations!


This special offer secures the date for you and sets aside the time for a session in a fabulous location. Choose from a collection of beautifully crafted portraits to display and even purchase digital files to share with family and friends.

After your photo session, choose a product to suit your home.

Choose between beautiful acrylic, canvas or framed portraits .

Build the perfect portrait collection for your home. Matted desktop photographs starts at $225 for 10″x 8″.

A great gift idea for friends and family, 8×10″ in a custom frame $375. This is a great way to start a photo wall. Add to it each time there is a significant family event. Family reunions, birthdays, coming of age.

Geoff Fisher is a Perth-based family portrait photographer

Hi, I’m Geoff Fisher.

I’m an experienced family portrait photographer in Perth Western Australia.

My speciality is family photography and children’s portraits in Perth’s most beautiful locations.

People often remind me how much they enjoyed their sessions; especially how easy it was and ‘not like they thought it would be’. And later, how important their photos are to them.

During a photo session, I’m always on the lookout for naturally joyful moments, often unposed and totally unexpected.

I believe children need to see themselves having fun with their family. Seeing a family photo on the wall is their reassurance that all is okay with the world.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Geoff, I love your instinctual skill, appreciation and use of natural light to capture a stunning photograph and, I especially love your black and white work. Keep posting (on Facebook) - you make me smile every time you do
Sophie Pedersen
The photographs arrived this morning and they are superb. Individuals in the shots appear to approach the viewer quite outstanding. Thank you for your courtesy, attention to detail and your professionalism.
Keith Mitchell
I just love my family photos. I’m at home now just looking at them. We have them all over the house, from the time when the children were so little and wouldn’t do what they were told. You can’t go back in time.
Tony Snooks

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