Father’s Love

Dad’s love means a lot to sons and daughters

Perth Family Photographer Geoff Fisher of Fisher Photography knows the importance of a dad’s love for his kids. Geoff says he doesn’t have any good photos to demonstrate his father-son relationship.

Family photos are important. Professional photos with parents and children, having fun, are the most important. Those memories will carry forward forever.


Dads can make a huge impression in your childhood. When you were a kid, did you get to have fun with dad? It’s just as important for sons AND daughters.

How did your parents relate to you? Do you have happy memories?

Many kids have vague memories of their father when they were little. Some dads were always working to put food on the table and hardly related to their sons and daughters. That’s a sad indictment on modern living. Parents have to make time to nurture their relationships with their children. That will flow on to the next generation.

A set of good professional photos will stand the test of time.