Meet Geoff Fisher

Hello. I am a professional family portrait photographer in Perth, Western Australia. I have a genuine passion for taking family photographs and I have worked for decades to create high quality photographic memories for my clients. I really enjoy working with young children and teenagers in family groups, as well as with much-loved pets – helping them to relax and have fun in the whole process. I find an approach involving humour, flexibility and ‘thinking outside the box’ is always encouraging, and works wonders in reducing shyness or reticence in some.

While some posed shots are beautiful and desirable, especially for large group shots, I also like to take active shots, allowing natural responses to aspects of the environment at a chosen location. Interesting, subtle texture and light can then play beautifully into images. Parks, gardens, river and ocean locations suit this, but a home offers its own possibilities too. Overall, interactive shots convey individual personality and spirit, as well as connection between family members.

As time moves on, photographic portraits become even more valuable, reminding families of important times experienced together. I believe that without precious photos, our memories can fail us as they become vague. Sensitive, professional photographs can provide meaningful visual reference for our present life together, preserved into the future. They may even become ‘gifts’ for future generations to learn about your family – to feel connected with those who have come before them.


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Positive technical changes in recent times have made a better range of products possible, such as fabulous high quality rag prints, as well as prints on metal, acrylic and canvas. Whichever format inspires, when presented as wall art, my portraits will certainly add another emotionally pleasing and artistic feature to your home. Of course, some traditional formats work best for some clients and their needs. I am always happy to discuss your requirements, offer suggestions, and answer your questions.

Geoff Fisher Photographer