Getting your Child to Wear that Special Outfit

Being in the city of Perth for many years, we’ve been the photographers to many individuals, couples, and families. Because of this, we’ve learned a lot about how families interact before and during photo shoots.

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One of the things that some families have trouble with is in dealing with getting the children ready for their family or individual portraits. Sometimes a child doesn’t want to wear the special outfit that you picked out for him or her and this can cause tantrums that disrupt the photo shoot before it even begins.

If this happens, there are a few techniques you can use to get the child to wear the outfit in a healthy and productive manner.

The most important thing to remember is: do not panic. If the child initially doesn’t want to wear the outfit, don’t force it on him or her. Pushing and creating a sense of urgency will only escalate the situation and make everything from that point needlessly more difficult.

Instead, calmly talking to the child can do wonders for his or her mood. It doesn’t have to be about the photo shoot, but changing the subject to get him or her to calm down will distract the child from what he or she initially didn’t want and create a better mood. After diffusing the fit, try again with a smile on.

Sometimes the child, for whatever reason, just really doesn’t want to wear the outfit. Giving in is a terrible idea and only reinforces the behaviour. If something can be changed, do it, but if the outfit is special, stick to it.

Tell the child that the outfit was picked out just for him or her. This will make them feel special. In some cases, select a different family member and present the choice from their point of view. For example, say “Grandma would be very happy if you wore this.”

Handling children for a photo shoot can be difficult, but it comes together great in the end.

We’ve done a lot of portrait photography for families in the Perth area, so we will do all that we can to make sure yours run smoothly too. To make an appointment, please call (08) 6468 5961.