Good Professional Photos – No Accident

PINIMAGEIf you’ve tried and failed to make your own professional photo for web or office use, you will know it’s not as easy as it looks.

There are a few important considerations planning a professional photo.

Who will see it? What will it say about you?

When I consult with a prospective client, I imagine how their photo will be used and what mood they want to convey. Most people want to be taken seriously and look the part for their particular profession. But NOT ‘trying too hard’ and not ‘past their use by date.’

Consider what to wear that suits your profession. Look comfortable, relaxed and professional.

Many people request a little sculpturing of the face and body. We tend to joke about a ‘special deal on 5 kg this week’ and that helps lighten the mood. But jokes aside, we can make a few repairs and help with clever lighting and Photoshop.

As your professional photos will be seen by many people, you will want to feel confident knowing that they are the best you can get from someone who cares about how you look and feel about your public image.

(Geoff Fisher)