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Great Pet Owners Deserve Great Pet Photography


We have completed a lot of photography projects in Perth. Sometimes photography is serious,sometimes it’s more casual, sometimes it is more fun. One of the more fun aspects of our profession is when we get to do pet photography.

One of the great things about pets is that they don’t care how they look on camera. It takes a lot of talent and rapport to help human subjects feel comfortable in front of a camera; indeed, a lack of the ability to develop rapport has done in many a photographer’s career before it gets started.

With pets, though, they don’t even know a camera is there and they don’t feel self-conscious about it. Photographers love pet photography sessions because they can concentrate on the other things that help make a great picture, like exposure time, lighting, background and what camera to use.

If you click on the “pets in Perth” portion of our website, you will see several stunning examples of pet photography that we have done here at Fisher Photography. You will see underwater photos, “dark” shots, and multiple photos of a dog on a white background. But you will see a few casual shots of owners holding their pets, too.

One thing you will see in the photos is that many of the photos look “larger than life,” and every one brings out the good points of the pet in question. This is not an accident. We have spent over 35 years amassing experience in photography. We know what lens to use and how to use natural light to our advantage to make your pets look larger than life.

We also know tricks to get your pet playing, jumping and basically looking their finest during the session. Most of all, we have the talent to produce great looking photographs that capture your pet’s personality perfectly.

We have seen a lot of pet owners try to duplicate what we do at home but it just doesn’t work. They almost never have enough equipment and don’t know nearly as many “tricks of the trade” as we do.

The bottom line is that we can provide the stunning pictures of your pet at a reasonable price. Call (08) 6468 5961 today.

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