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How To Dress Kids For A Family Portrait

After years capturing familes’ special moments, I noticed my clients usually wonder how to dress for a photoshoot. Whether you’re buying new outfits or not, an outfit can be the deciding factor on whether you like your photos or not!

This is especially true for kids. If they’re at that stage when they absolutely WON’T change out of their Spiderman costume, it might be difficult to plan a family portrait!

If you’re planning a shoot, here are my top recommendations on how to dress your children.

Take their opinion into account

This one might sound obvious, but I’ve seen many parents force their kids into “cute” outfits that they really don’t want to be in. Avoid meltdowns and start by asking them what they’d like to wear! If they insist on that Frozen shirt they love, you can work with it: maybe they’d also like a shirt “like the one Elsa wore”, or “in Elsa’s favourite colours”?

Keep comfort in mind

An uncomfortable kid is an unhappy one! When picking their outfit make sure it’s one they can run around in, sit down and even jump. This means that those skinny jeans that look so good might not be the best option if your child can’t bend their knees when they have it on.

Stick to classic outfits

You want your family pictures to be around for a long time! To lengthen their lifespan, choose classic over trendy. Many clients of mine have family pictures more than 30 years ago still in display! Your kids will usually look great in a dress shirt, jeans, a classic dress or neutral colours.

Use props to keep them engaged

Especially when I’m working with younger children, props are incredibly useful to keep them engaged! Even if your child isn’t a fan of having their picture taken, having something for them to do adds interest to the final picture and will usually keep them on their best behaviour. A prop can be anything: from a book to a ball, a bike or even the family dog.

Bring a change of clothes!

This can add variety to the photo session.