Geoff Fisher Photographer

I have to tell you, its a pleasure for me to  create family portraits and doesn’t feel like work.

Most of our existence is recorded with photographs and so I’m conscious of making your images meaningful.

Unpacking and editing your photos after  every session still holds magic for me, like opening Christmas gifts…always exciting!

Families enjoy their experience and return for updates, particularly as their children grow and change. Its always a joy for me to reconnect with families again.

In recent times, a lot of positive things have changed.  For example, the latest mirrorless camera gear adds so much more detail and depth to every image. My images  reproduce onto the most exquisite acrylic and canvas. But you can also buy just the digital files, if that suits you. The main thing is the images are your history.

I aim for interesting, pleasing and emotionally moving images that will delight you.

Geoff Fisher