Corporate Photos by Fisher Photography

Geoff Fisher, Corporate Photographer of Perth, recommends ideas and asks questions.

Are you featuring a poorly made, dated picture of yourself on your Web site and in office correspondence?

Just think about how many places your photograph can go to: web sites, emails, printed documents, resumes and social networking. And they are out there forever.

How should I look?


A corporate portrait (head shot) is first and most important in a web search. So make a good first impression!


Studio lighting and our post production techniques make a huge difference to the finished image. Don’t leave it to a colleague with the ‘office camera’.

Choose a ‘look’ best suited to your professional needs.

  • Smiling or fairly serious?
  • Approachable but professional?
  • Mood lighting with shadow or very soft shadowless?
  • Tungsten, warm lighting i.e. warm and friendly?
  • Black and White for something arty and different?
  • If you are an executive, you might want your portrait made in your office.
  • Men should wear a suit jacket that fits well, and a dress shirt with or without a tie.
  • Women should wear a tailored jacket or a blouse paying most attention to the neckline.
  • For women, Jewellery can be a great accessory to your outfit if it fits with your features and the mood of the photo. Necklaces look best when they aren’t too large and follow your neckline.
  • Sleeves are usually more flattering than bare arms.
  • Solid colours photograph best, and most people look good in mid tones. Pastels look good on fairer complexions using lighter backdrops and winter colours are best on darker backdrops.
  • Avoid tones that match your flesh tones such as beige, tan, or very pale peach, pink, or grey).
  • Avoid wearing clothing with wild patterns or accessories that distract and take away from your face. 
  • Makeup should be graduated at the neckline and subtle; definitely not overdone.
  • Glossy makeup can be distracting if it looks too ‘shiny’.
  • Women who don’t usually wear makeup will photograph better with a little foundation.
    • You will view a selection online the same day. Orders can be made by email.
    • Ordered Photos will be emailed to you in high-resolution.
  • You or Your Company will have full rights to use of the images.
  • Fisher Photography retains the image copyright but grants you permission to use your image for business purposes.

Order Two or Three Poses

We recommend you purchase 2-3 poses. This will give you choices later.

Airbrushing (level 2) We do basic retouching on your business portraits without charging additional fees. You can choose to have a complete artwork service for small additional fee of $25. This higher level retouching can include removing blemishes, reducing under-eye lines, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, and reducing wrinkles. This is a recommended service which will make the most of your photo session.