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Taking mother-daughter pictures is one of my favorite things to do! 

Capturing that unique connection and seeing the love come alive before the lens of my camera is so satisfying!

As a professional family photographer, I have archives full of adorable mother-daughter pictures taken through the years.

Whether you want to take your own family portraits or intend to hire a professional, you’ve got to make time for a mother-daughter portrait!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from clients those are some of their favorite of the session.

Here are some mother-daughter pictures that will inspire your 2020 family portraits. 

Get ready to feel the love!

Try a poetic style

Give the ensemble a calm feel by having both the mom and daughter looking at the horizon. 

Even better if you take it at the end of the afternoon! The warm sunset adds a relaxing vibe and enhances the love in the portrait.

Focus on having fun

another mommy-daughter idea

Not everyone needs to be looking at the camera! 

Have a little fun and play with your child. 

This is especially true when it comes to younger kids. 

Capturing that special bond will make for a unique portrait that both of you will want to keep forever!

Do a girls-only portrait to have unique mother-daughter pictures

If there’s more than one daughter in the family, why not try a girl-only portrait? 

Enhance the similarities using outfits that look well together. 

It will be incredibly fun to see how much you all look alike, and who has who’s nose or hair colour. 

This is a portrait to enjoy for a lifetime!

I hope this little roundup gives you ample inspiration to take amazing mommy-daughter pictures

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