Mothers Love the Soft Light of Our Perth Photography Studio

Our Perth photography studio is designed to be a perfect place to take pictures. Not only is it designed to be conducive to taking great photos, but it is also designed to provide a feeling of comfort to everyone who walks in the door. One of the ways that we do this is to eliminate all glare. No harsh light is allowed to enter the studio, and the lighting is soft and understated.

This creates a mellow environment, where everyone feels comfortable, and can relax and be themselves. This is a contrast to many studios, whose harsh lighting and stark environment can be so intimidating that the people being photographed never really feel comfortable. When this happens, it is difficult for people to smile naturally, and their photo sessions almost always look forced.

At Fisher Photography, our photo sessions always look natural. While we do have bright lights for certain shots, we prefer to use soft light and an artist’s eye to produce some of the most stunning photos you will ever see. We have found that soft lighting not only allows photo subjects to relax, but it also helps us bring out the natural beauty in the person being photographed.Kretzer-Tungsten-Light-1256PINIMAGE

We have found that mothers seem to particularly love our soft lighting technique, especially when we use simulated candlelight. Simulated candlelight can help uncover the soft beauty in a mother’s face. So many mothers work so hard all day that it is refreshing for them to relax in the simulated candlelight in our studio.

We have found that there is a certain intrinsic glow in a mother taking a well-deserved relaxation break from her duties, and we are experts at bringing that glow out, and allowing it to show up in your photographs. You will notice that nearly all of our photographs have a very earthy quality to them that makes everyday people look as beautiful as professional models, simply by being themselves. This is a direct result of our equipment and our belief that soft lighting should be first “default position” in any photo shoot.

If you would like to experience this phenomenon for yourself, call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071; he will help you look your absolute best.

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