Personal Pictures and Teen Psychology


Having been in Perth for many years, we’ve taken many photographs of many people and become some of the best photographers in the area. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things, not only about the art of photography, but about how these photos can affect you and your family.

One of these things is that seeing pictures of yourself and your family on the wall growing up can have a positive effect on your mental well-being as a teenager. In other words, your teens will have better mental health if they grow up with seeing pictures of themselves on the walls and counters of their home.

The reasoning for this makes sense when you look at it in the scope of teen psychology. According to the late famous developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, growing up, even into adulthood, is about solving a series of “crises.”

While many of these are resolved naturally, during the adolescent years, the challenge is finding one’s identity or facing role confusion. The teen has the chance to find what he or she may consider his or her true identity or not and be lost.

This can be quite the challenge however and some teens may find themselves trying different, sometimes not so good, things in an effort to establish who they really are.

What does this have to do with seeing photographs however? If a child grows up seeing themselves in family portraits or in individual professional photographs, they see may begin to see themselves, literally and figuratively, as truly part of that family.

The fact that their parents paid the money to get them photographed means, at least to them, that they care about them. Seeing themselves constantly will remind them that they are part of the family.

In the crisis of trying to find out what they can identify themselves as, the teens will literally find the answer in front of them. When all is said and done, they can look at them having grown up in a family and know that their identity is a member of that family.

This will help them greatly in the long run.

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