Family Photography Perth

Fisher Family Photography in Perth captures a unique moment in time and instills, forever, the precious memories at play. Life gets busy and journeys lead people away but a family portrait beautifully serves as a lasting token of the happiness that grows when everyone is together. Aside from the physical memento that Fisher Family Photography will provide, the personal memories of gathering for the taking of the portrait are too important to discount.

Wherever life takes you over the years, your family portraits will serve as a timeless reminder of your memories from Perth. In a single glance, a family photo can transport you to the moment when you were surrounded by family, love, and support. Fisher Family Photography in Perth aims to please everyone and is dedicated to capturing real, loving moments in their family photography so that you can look back on authentic moments frozen in time.

Family is a beautiful thing, unmatched in the strength of its bonds and the resiliency of its relationships – let Fisher Family Photography capture your moments before they fade.

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Family photographs like these by Geoff Fisher in Perth bring back all the fond memories of special times in your life. This is also why photographs make such great gifts – in wall art or as a gift voucher for a loved one to enjoy.

What people in Perth are saying:

Basil Zempilas on 6PR Breakfast 2014 “When I was a teenager my parents sent me to Geoff Fisher’s studio for a portrait … he retouched my ‘teenage pimples’ and I felt good about myself. I love that picture and its still up on the wall today. He did a great job.” . Basil Zempilas is an Australian radio and television presenter based in Perth, Western Australia. He is the senior sport presenter on Seven News, Perth.

Robert Coltrona “Thank you for the beautiful portrait of John, Adam and Emma, I love it. I cried on Christmas day when I opened it”. (With love and best wishes, Jen) “I have known of Geoff Fisher’s reputation as a photographer since I was a boy in the 80’s– he lived down the road from me and was known for his fastidious approach to getting the best out his subjects, I think he even took my school photos! Move the clock forward 30 years and I have 3 gorgeous children and a beautiful wife, so what better way to capture this magic part of my life, than to go back to Geoff? Our photo session at Cottesloe beach captured the personality and expression of our family just perfectly, and the resulting images around our home are testament to Geoff and his ability to create a treasured memory, that our guests never miss. Thank you Geoff”