Safety Tips for Every Newborn Photo shoot

When it comes to newborn photography, we at Fisher Photography know about safety tips that are essential to ensuring that the child is secure, while maintaining our artistic vision; this makes us one of the best and brightest in the Perth area.

Safety is essential in dealing with newborn babies because they are much different to shoot than adults. With adults, you can tell them what to do and how to move to make the session much easier, but this is impossible with incredibly young infants. Newborns are also much more fragile, making safe practices much vital.

The first thing to consider is when to schedule your newborn photo shoot. The ideal time is within two to seven days from their birth, ensuring that we can get them in more relaxed and sleeping poses. In addition, this time is often the most memorable and irreplaceable, so it makes sense to capture these days for forever.

During the actual shoot, it’s important to remember that newborns are fragile– but they are little people also. This means that they deserve the respect we would give to any of our clients.

Comfort is key in showing this respect and newborns need a lot of it. The temperature should be kept stable, not too warm or too cold. Blood flow should not be impeded in any way due to hard poses or anything of the like. There should be no stray objects, such as dust or fuzz from fabrics in the air that could disrupt the child.

The newborn baby should never be placed in poses that are potentially dangerous, like balancing on something. Even if the child is sleeping, he or she could wake up, disrupting the balanced pose that could hurt his/herself. No potentially hazardous items, such as glass be used during the shoot.

Newborns are some of the most beautiful shoots we can do, but we have to remember that safety in this case is more important than art. Luckily, we can do both and preserve these special moments in photographs.

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