Self-Esteem in Teenagers: Can a Great Photo Shoot Help?

Remember what it was like to be a teenager? For many, it probably felt like the whole world was against you. It probably seemed like nobody in school liked you, and even if they all did, you felt like an impostor sometimes. Even those who were extremely popular in school as teenagers often comment when they are older that they had no self-esteem, and that they felt alienated all the way through school.

Before I started my career as a Perth photographer, I would never have believed that photography can help a teenager with his or her self-esteem, but my personal belief system was influenced by  something that happened early on in my career.Foale_-013_ART_HTPINIMAGE

I was photographing a family, and a teenager was rude to his mother. I chastised him, but in a positive way. Surprisingly, he took it on board, and became a polite and respectful young man.  Eventually, he would become a London Bobby, making his mother both grateful and proud.

It would be a few years before I would make the connection, but I began to notice a pattern in our family photography subjects in the Perth area. When repeat customers would come in, I noticed that their teenagers seemed to have plenty of self-esteem, especially compared to those who had never had professional pictures taken.

I realised that the family photography sessions were having a positive effect on the self-esteem of the children in three different ways. First, it was something the family was doing together. All members of the family are treated as equals in a photography session: each as important as the other. Second, the children were being treated like adults, and being expected to act as such. They were expected to act in a civil manner, and were treated that way in return.

The third and possibly most important factor was that we take great pictures. Our photography makes normal people look like models. Look at the photos on our site: those are average people, but we have captured them at their greatest. This can be  especially profound for a teenage girl, looking at her picture and seeing a beautiful face for the first time.

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