- winter OFFER -CLASSIC Portrait ON CANVAS


Photography session and canvas (Full value $596)

Offer includes:

1.  Pre planning session.
2. One hour photography experience.
3. One hour review and purchase session.
4. Canvas portrait 28 x 41cm
5. Product delivery directly to you.
6. Digitals not included.

Family Photography Perth


A family portrait session usually takes an hour, sometimes more depending on the number of people. After meeting at the chosen location, I like to begin with the most important shot – the whole family.

Posing isn’t a problem as you get more relaxed and forget that there’s a camera around. Movement can bring photos to life, so you can avoid totally posed looks.

As we progress, combinations of parents and children, or individuals are next. It’s also important to show relationships in sibling groups. Sometimes a football or other props can give the images a focal point and more action! Some of the best images arise where no one is even aware of the camera. This is the art of good professional photography.

At the end of the session we make a date to view and purchase your favourite photos. This will take one hour and can be at your home or via a Zoom call. You are welcome to purchase more of your favourite images at this session, but you’re not obliged to do so. You will also have the option of purchasing digitals.

Orders can take 3-4 weeks to fulfil and are delivered directly to you.


Family Photography Perth
Family Photography Perth
Beach Photos Perth
Family Photography Perth
Family Photography Perth
Beach Photos Perth
Family Photography Perth
Family Photography Perth
Family Photography Perth

HERE'S WHAT we need to do...

1.  Share your details & we’ll contact you with info and ideas.

2.  Confer with the family to plan a date and then confirm it.

3.  Consider your favourite location. We also know special places.

4.  What to wear? Don’t worry, we can help you decide.

5. Like to bring the dog? Good. Let’s talk about that too.

Hello, I’m Geoff Fisher, a professional family portrait photographer in Perth, Western Australia. I have a genuine passion for family photography and I have worked for decades to create high quality photographic memories for my clients. I really enjoy working with young children and teenagers in family groups, as well as with much-loved pets – helping them to relax and have fun in the whole process. I find an approach involving humour, flexibility and ‘thinking outside the box’ is always encouraging, and works wonders in reducing shyness or reticence in some.
While some posed shots are beautiful and desirable, especially for large group shots, I also like to take active shots, allowing natural responses to aspects of the environment at a chosen location. Interesting, subtle texture and light can then play beautifully into images.


Geoff Fisher Photographer

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