“Now! is the best time to plan a professional family photo session"


Don’t miss a moment! Capture the little things that make your family unique. Record memories that will last a lifetime. Seize your unique chemistry and remember the innocent glimpse in your children’s eyes forever. Document the changing life of your family, supported by an expert that understands what makes your clan irreplaceable.


As a professional portrait photographer, I want to use my experience to showcase your family’s most precious memories and help you fill your home with cherished moments that make you smile. Whether you want to record a milestone in your life or offer a heartfelt gift to a special friend, a signature
“Geoff Fisher Portraits” documents the narrative of your life story and showcase the bonds that tie you family together.


From digital pictures optimized for social media to classic portraits to showcase at home, you can preserve those precious memories in formats that inspire your family. Let a professional family photographer capture those moments and focus on celebrating your unique connection!

Mother And Sons Portrait

Mother & Sons at Fisher Photography Perth

What Does Every Mum Really Want?

It’s nearly always mum wanting family portraits because she cares about memories and loves Fisher Photography.

Do Something To Celebrate ‘Mum’

Getting mum to the studio doesn’t have to be a surprise. But she will be surprised about how much fun it can be. And it will be a surprise if the ‘kids’ get together to organise it. And don’t be surprised if she tears up when she looks at the photo on the wall. Its emotional stuff-that’s no surprise.