What our clients are saying…

PINIMAGEHi Geoff.  Just thinking about photos and what they mean to me / reflecting on the experience etc…I love photos. I love that you can capture an emotion so completely. I love that a feeling may have only been fleeting,  or that it may be a lifelong  passion, but there it is, forever. I have friends who hate having their photo taken and say that they always look terrible in photos; and I can’t really relate to that. I love having photos taken although there have been many shockers. (and I have ripped up, and more recently, deleted more than my fair share!!) Photography should lift your spirits and feelings of self worth! I can stare at photos for ages and just remember, reflect and indulge myself!

Our 12 year old Kelpie, Rascal, is a rascal. We think we should have called him Nice, or Sweet or I Don’t Bite but alas he grew into his name. In fact he came to us with some rascally tendencies…. but it was love at first sight (bite?) and so we persevered with him despite some less than ideal qualities. Puppy school was… interesting. He liked to ‘smile’ and ‘purr’ at the teacher. He still smiles and purrs for the vet.  12 years on we still love him and  he loves us. He is the most  affectionate and loving family dog. I love that he is smiling in his photos and leaning in. His presence gives us such joy, he lifts our spirits. He embodies all that is wonderful about family, especially unconditional love. I see that when I look at these images of my beautiful family.

Geoff, thank you for capturing that! Allison Lilly 


Running The Dog On The Beach

“Geoff, thank you for a great afternoon on the beach.  It was surprisingly easy and so much fun and felt very natural.  Our dog had a wonderful time too, which shows in the photos.  Wonderful results!  Thanks again, Shane, Jacqui and Kaiser.”



Young Woman_llane-005PINIMAGE




Denise O Milland

Thank you so so much Geoff. I love my photos. You truly have an amazing gift making me look like that.



Natalie  and Tony Snooks  I just love my photos. I’m at home now just looking at them. We have them all over the house, from the time when the children were so little and wouldn’t do what they were told. You can’t go back in time. 



Egerton-Warburton_016(8x10)PINIMAGEGeorgina and Grey Egerton-Warburton Thanks Fisher Photography, we LOVE our photos – Thanks Robyn for helping us choose, Geoff for taking them and of course whoever did the production. Thanks, Georgina.



Waltham_061PINIMAGEMaria, Peter, Juanita and Nonna We would like to thank you for the time you gave Juanita and I when we collected our framed photos and wonderful box of photos last Wednesday, 14th March. We have not stopped looking at them since! We are currently in the throes of deciding which walls to hang the framed photos! Such fantastic work and Fisher Photography has definitely captured the true happy spirit of our family through the Geoff’s lens, creating awesome pieces of photography and lasting memories. Thank you all so much for what you have done for our family. 

Laurie Thompson USA Thank you so much for the great pictures! I couldn’t have imagined them any turning out any better. Thanks again for squeezing us in and rushing the pictures. I hate having them packed up and not being able to look at them. Hopefully you can stick them on Facebook for me to look at and share with family while mine are in transit back home. I can’t wait to hang them up in our new house. Looking at these pictures will always remind us of living in Perth! Thanks again.