The Age-Old Dilemma of Lighting

With all of our experience in professional photography, we can best serve the Perth area with grand, artistic photographs that come in a variety of ways. Having 35 years of experience, our expert team knows exactly how to bring out the best in any setting.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but probably the most major component of photography is lighting. This part of the field has troubled photographers for ages because differences in lighting can either make or break a photo.

However, having plenty of experience, we’ve learned a few key ways that lighting can affect a photo.  The manipulation of light now depends on the creative power of the photographer’s hands.

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There are four main types of lighting, two pairs of opposites: warm and cool light, hard and soft light.

Warm light generally has an orange tint to it and is used to portray a more romantic or relaxed feel to a photo. Colder colour temperatures produce warm light and they are often found naturally during the hours of twilight and sunrise.

By contrast, cool light is found at higher colour temperatures and has a bluish tint to it. Found at different parts of the day, cool light is used to produce more of a melancholy or emotionally distant effect.

Harsh light occurs when there is too much light in the area that you are photographing, and most often occurs at midday or other bright hours. This is usually looked negatively upon, but it can be used to one’s advantage to produce stronger shadows in landscape scenes. However, this is not recommended for portraits.

Soft light is the key to creating magnificent portraits. Not entirely dim lighting, soft light has much less of an effect than harsh light, and therefore can be used to shine light on different areas of a body or face to produce the desired effect.

Our expert team knows all about using lighting to its advantage. Either by shining light at just the right areas in the studio or finding the right angle outside, they are guaranteed to create perfect photos for any occasion.

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