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The Great Outdoors and your Family Portrait

Being a studio renowned for portrait photography in Perth, family photos are one of our specialities. Having been shooting family portraits for the past 35 years, I know that these can be some of the most memorable and special pieces in any home.

Every time you pass by your family portrait, it brings to mind the bond you share and promotes the unity you have together. Some families have them done every few years to show the passage of time between them.


Whether you have them done once or every few years, the question remains as to how you want your portrait to look. Specifically, what kind of scenery would you like to have in the background and what kind of photo are you going for?

The possibilities are limitless for where you can have your portrait taken. Some people choose to have them done in the studio, and this is a good idea if you have babies or very young children.

However, for most families, there are plenty of outdoor options to consider. Since this photo shoot involves the whole family, it’s a good idea to select a location that bears some significance for everyone involved.

One common idea and one obvious choise is the family’s backyard, a place . where plenty of the family’s activities or gatherings have been on. In addition, there are a lot of ways to dress up the backyard to make it more presentable and meaningful for a photo shoot.

Sometimes a park or outdoor area that the family often visits is a good place to take the family portrait, too. There are many in Perth that families bring their kids to, and if everyone loves it, it could be a meaningful place.

The whole city is a potential place for a shoot, too.  Be it a special street or lakefront, it could be the place where your family could take its portrait. Remember that these moments will be captured in time for ages and passed on for generations, so it’s important to select somewhere meaningful to show the family’s love for one another.

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