The Value of a 20 Year Old Photograph

So, when a photographer in Perth needs a picture taken of his own family, and he wants to be Geoff Fisher family 1993 7x5inPINIMAGEincluded in the photo, who does he get to do it? He hires a professional colleague.

I was going through our family archive, and found an old family photo from 20 years ago. For a moment, I forgot that I am a professional photographer. I was a human being looking at a picture of myself and my family at a time when things were totally different than they are now. My eyes began to mist over a bit, and I realised that what applies for everyone else applies to me, too. This day at the beach was a singular moment, frozen in time, and it can never, ever be repeated.

The photograph took me back to 1993. I could smell the beach air; for some reason, it seems like it was fresher back then. I could remember when I was still a fairly young father, and I was only 15 years into my career as a photographer in Perth. A time when, even though I was working hard, time just seemed to go by slowly, as though we would always have all of the time in the world to enjoy life.

Things were less complicated then; there wasn’t even an Internet for most of us yet, because there was no flat monthly service. Smartphones were “dumb phones,” in huge, clunky boxes, and there were no tablet computers. My kids were living at home, and we had a beautiful family dog named Bach. I even had some hair at that point.

Now, it’s twenty years later. Time seems to be going twice as fast as it did back then. The kids have their own homes now. Bach is in that great dog kennel in the sky. We have a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone, along with our own website. My hair, however, is long gone.

It got me to thinking: what is life going to be like in another 20 years? And it made me remember that it’s time for another set of photos.

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