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This product guide is designed to show you some products and prices and to offer a little helpful advice related to a photo experience with me.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family if you decide to go ahead, and trust that the information here will be enough to help you plan a photo session with confidence.

Over the years feedback from people just like you has been surprise and delight at how enjoyable it was and how important the photos became as the family changed.

If you have unanswered questions after reading this guide, please call or message me on 0414 644 071. 

Geoff Fisher

Family Photography Perth

I can suggest clothing styles to suit your family and the occasion.

The photo experience - what to expect

Allow at least one hour for the session
A family portrait session usually takes an hour, sometimes more, depending on the number of people. After meeting at the chosen location, I like to begin with the whole family. This is the most important shot. Posing isn’t a problem as you get more relaxed and forget that there’s a camera around. Movement brings photos to life, so I also encourage interaction between family members.

As we progress, I arrange combinations of parents and children, and individuals. It’s also important to show relationships in sibling groups. Sometimes a football or other props can give the images a focal point and allow more action! Some of the best images arise where no one is even aware of the camera. This is the art of good professional photography.

How to dress young children for a family portrait session
After years of photographing families and children around Perth, I know many parents wonder how to dress for a photoshoot. An outfit can be the deciding factor on whether you like the end result or not! This is especially true for kids. If they’re at that stage when they absolutely WON’T change out of their Spiderman costume, it might be difficult to plan their clothing! But there’s help at hand…

Take their opinion into account but you decide!
This one might sound obvious, but I’ve seen many parents allow their kids to choose ‘cute’ outfits that don’t work best for the photos.  Let kids feel they have some choice. It’s important that parents don’t give in to unsuitable outfits – it will spoil the overall look.

Keep comfort in mind
An uncomfortable kid is an unhappy one! When picking their outfit make sure it’s one they can run around in, sit down and even jump. This means that those skinny jeans that look so good might not be the best option if your child can’t bend their knees when they have them on. Avoid short skirts that can become awkward in some poses.

Keep to classic outfits
Many of my clients have family photos taken more than 20 years ago that still appear fresh and fashionable. To lengthen their lifespan, choose classic over trendy.  Your family will look great in dress shirts, jeans, classic dresses and in neutral colours.

Use props to keep them engaged
When I’m working with younger children, props are incredibly useful to keep them engaged. Even if your child isn’t a fan of having their picture taken, having something for them to do adds interest to the final picture and will usually keep them on their best behaviour. A prop can be anything from a book to a ball, a bike or even the family dog.


Examples below show beautiful wall art arrangements available.  I can recommend suitable layout designs to suit your wall spaces. And with every purchase you can also have a complimentary matching digital file. This will give you access to your images for posterity and a great way to share with family and friends on the go.

You will choose your favourite images at a purchasing session in your own home. Then you can decide on canvas, acrylic or traditionally framed prints. All products are made at Australia’s best professional print labs.


 A few days after your photo session, you will be invited to purchase from a selection of 30 or more of the best edited images. This can take place in your home where we project the images on to your TV. Please bring the decision makers to this one hour viewing and purchasing session.

The images you choose to purchase can be in the form of digitals or print products, or both. I recommend both so that you can enjoy wall displays and save the files for future generations and to share. It’s up to you.

Framed Prints

Family Photography PerthChoose from a wide range of framed print sizes starting with Glass & mat 30x45cm    $615.



Family Photography Perth

Single loose prints – ready to frame – great gift idea.

  • Acid-free mat boards 30x40cm enclosing a 20x25cm print
  • Protective glassine  cover
  • Premium printing
  • $245 each (big discounts for quantity).


Family Photography Perth

This is our premium product which has amazing colour rendition, is very light and simply ‘floats’ on the wall.
30x45cm ready for display $825.


Canvas wraps are non reflective, light weight and perfect as a hero display or in a set of five. Canvas is coated with protective layers for longevity.
Ready for display 30x40cm   $440



Family Photography Perth

The digital alternative to printed products.
The  high res files are expertly edited before delivery.
4 digitals $795 (no print credit)
10 digitals  $1275  ($200 print credit)
15 digitals   $1500   ($300 print credit)
20 digitals  $1995  ($400 print credit)
All 35-40 digitals $3,250 ($700 print credit)


Samples of our wall art in rooms to inspire your own ideas.
Family Photography Perth


Create a gallery of framed prints. Mix and match sizes, with or without mattes. Prices start from $407 each for framed 20x25cm prints. The larger one shown here is $590.


Family Photography Perth


Acrylic prints display amazing clarity and rich colours. Their clean, contemporary look suits any home. Prices start at $696.


Family Photography Perth


The bedroom is often overlooked as a display space, but can be enhanced with wall art.  Canvas starts at $438. 

Family Photography Perth


Bring colour and excitement to your living area with an art piece like this. Canvas and acrylic are most suitable here.