What To Wear For A Fisher Photography Portrait Session?

Planning a photo session? You will need to plan what to wear. Geoff Fisher recommends keeping it simple and if possible stay with the classic designs (such as Country Road) which will not date so quickly. It is really important to maintain some uniformity within a family group.




Clothing styles to avoid We suggest that you avoid bold patterns such as stripes and spots. Think ‘Country Road’ styles that don’t date. If you are planning an outdoor location, white or soft, light colours work well with parkland settings. Soft pinks blues etc also look great at the beach. Try to avoid solid blacks in beach settings.

In an outdoor location, consider if there is sand rocks or grass? Dress for that setting. You will want to be comfortable sitting on the grass. And you might want to bring a lead for the family dog.

Black & white? Think about shades of black and white in your clothing. Since your selection may include black and white, consider how your outfits would appear in those shades.

Bring props and accessories  Using props and accessories help create different looks. Think about things that suit you and your personality. Bring a ball or tricycle or favourite toy for children.

Hairstyles It is best not to change hairstyles just before your photo session. Changes are best made a week or so earlier so that a new style can settle down.

Fisher Photography creates beautiful memories of you and your family for now and future generations. It’s so important to get it right.

If you have questions about our portrait sessions and would like to talk about booking a date, call me, Geoff Fisher, on 0414 644 071 during business hours. Geoff Fisher


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