Why an Expensive Digital Camera can’t make an Amateur take Professional Photographs

Osborne_2PINIMAGEAs one of the foremost providers of professional photography in Perth, we are often asked how to take great pictures. Most people think that if they spend a bunch of money on an expensive digital camera, great pictures will happen by themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some elements that are essential when trying to take great photographs.


Even an inexperienced professional photographer who has been trained in the art of photography is going to be better at taking pictures than most amateurs will. Training programs give photographers experience and they teach the basics of taking great photographs.

Experience and knowledge count for a lot. They help a photographer decide the exact right moment when to snap a photo. They also help the photographer decide what lens to use, what distance to shoot from and how wide or tight of a shot to take.

Correct Light and Colour

This ties into the experience and knowledge factor, but it is essential for taking great photographs. There are certain lenses and angles to use with natural light and others to use with artificial light. Artificial light can come in many forms and can be used at many varying intensities and angles.

Intelligent use of lighting can be the difference between a shot that looks like a movie advertisement and a shot that looks like a home photograph. Browse through the many photographs on this site and you will see how lighting has made a big difference in the shots.

Light can also determine which colours stand out and which ones blend into the background. The subject, his or her clothing, the surroundings, the background and the light all play a big part in how a photograph looks.

The Artist/Poet’s Eye

Ultimately, this makes all the difference in the world. There is a correct moment to take a photograph. There is an exact angle, lens and exposure time for every shot. But most of all, there is a correct place to take a photograph. An experienced, professional photographer knows exactly when, where and how to shoot the perfect photograph.

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