Why an iPhone Will Never Take Professional Photographs

We take our standing as providers of professional photography in Perth very seriously. Consequently, we are always on the lookout for advances in the field, but also for irresponsible writing that produces false expectations among consumers.

Recently, on a popular computer website, we came upon a blog piece which led readers to believe that they would soon be able to take professional photographs using their iPhones. While we love iPhones and respect what they have done to make 21st century life so much easier than it was in the 20th century, we feel that it is our responsibility to the community to respond to this piece.


Once again, we respect the iPhone. It is a powerful computer that is small enough to hold in your hand, and honestly, we have seen some decent pictures uploaded to Facebook from iPhones. But you aren’t going to see a professional photographer using an iPhone as his main piece of equipment any time soon.

Recently, AppleInsider found a patent that was recently filed by Apple. They found patents for remote lighting hardware, much like that professional photographers use.

The patented devices will allow the iPhone to use optical signals generated by the camera to control flash units. It will also allow the iPhone to control outside, third party lighting devices. After the iPhone takes a primary photograph, it will be analysed by the iPhone, and a notification will appear on the screen, telling the photographer how to find the best angle for the photograph.

Once again, we applaud Apple for its progress in the field and we admire AppleInsider’s vigilance at uncovering information concerning Apple’s next product improvements.

That being said, these improvements are simply not going to enable anyone to take a professional photograph with an iPhone.

First of all, the lens is too small. No amount of digital instruction about how to get the “perfect angle” is going to compensate for the hardware’s shortcomings. Also, while one must have professional equipment to take a professional photograph, the photographer is the determining factor.

It is the experienced, professional photographer who is going to determine how great a shot is. An amateur with an iPhone isn’t ever going to take professional photographs.

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