Why Have Maternity Photos Taken, Part 2

Last week, we explained how our more than 30 years of experience as Perth photographers has Creative-PregnancyPINIMAGEgiven us a great appreciation and love for taking pregnancy photos. We gave a few reasons that people who have had maternity photos taken like them so much. Here are a few more reasons to have maternity photos taken.


Whether this is your first child, your last, or anywhere in between, it is your special time. That means that, within the bounds of taste, you can do what you want. We recommend that you go to Google images and enter “pregnancy photos”. You will find plenty of different shots. Some will be posed, and some will be of a more candid style.

Whatever you prefer, show us. We also have permission to use quite a few of our photos, and you may find some poses you like there, too. We can do sessions at the beach, your house, our studio, a spa, in nature, or in a posh hotel room. We also recommend that you be sure to include your husband, because there is a purity in the love between husband and wife in pregnancy photos that cannot be duplicated further down the road. This leads to the next reason:

The Sacred Bond

As we mentioned earlier on, the bond between husband and wife is incredibly strong during pregnancy photo sessions. We have seen many a man let go with tears during these sessions. This bond is so strong and so sacred that words can’t do it justice. However, photographs can. This also holds true for siblings. A photo of a child hugging his or her unborn sibling is extremely powerful, and accelerates the bonding process.

You Get So Much for your Money from a Professional Photographer 

If you have a friend who takes photos with even a nice digital camera, it just isn’t the same. We know how to elicit and capture the absolute best from you, and preserve it for a lifetime. It doesn’t feel like any effort on your part, because we make it so much fun. And the great looking pictures you get are well worth the small amount you spend.

Carpe Diem

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