Why You Should Get Maternity Photos, Part 1

We have spent a lot of time doing maternity and baby photography in Perth, and we are firm believers that all women should have pictures taken while they are carrying a child. Over the years, we are often asked why to get maternity Woods_-080sepia 2(8x10)PINIMAGEphotos. Instead of answering the question with our opinions, we have decided to share the opinions of women who have had photos.

The Glow

If you are in your first pregnancy, you have probably noticed that your friends who are women 40 or older may have figured out you were pregnant before you did. While you may look in the mirror and see yourself as “gaining weight,” others look at you and see a beauty that is unique to a woman carrying a child. One hormone in particular, called relaxin, does exactly what it sounds like, and mellows your facial features. Savvy women can see this in other women. It makes for some of the most beautiful photographs you will ever take.

Your Belly is a Positive Instead of a Negative

In your normal state, if you look at your stomach and it protrudes, you probably berate yourself, or at least don’t like it. When you are pregnant, your belly is now beautiful, because it has a child in it. Because you are less self-conscious about your stomach sticking out, your insecurities disappear, and you exude confidence. This also makes for great photos.

Thanks for the Memories

It is like this with all photos, but especially when you are pregnant: you are preserving a very special memory, and you are preserving it for a lifetime. Also, when your child is an adult, you have no idea how much you will both enjoy looking at photos of you carrying him or her.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the occasion. Maybe it’s because of all the beauty we are bringing to the surface. Whatever it is, pregnancy shoots are some of our most fun sessions, for mother and for the photographer. We are so used to having fun on pregnancy sessions that it has become second nature and something we expect.

Part 2 is coming next week. To find out more on our photography services in Perth, call Geoff Fisher at 0414 644071.

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