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Perth Family Photographer Geoff Fisher Is Photographing Again

Hi there and welcome. I am a family portrait photographer in Perth Western Australia. My specialty is family photography and children’s portraits at  beautiful locations around Perth and The Swan River. I use my vast experience to showcase your most precious family moments and fill your home with photos that will make you smile. I create joyful memories for kids growing up and seeing themselves with their parents and siblings. I would love to get to know you better and to give you a happy experience. I guarantee you the best photos you will ever have.  Geoff Fisher.

A note of caution, so that I don’t waste your time.
It’s important that you hire the BEST photographer for your needs, because I’m NOT the right photographer for everyone. Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other:
You need beautifully crafted quality professional photos.
A photographer who will understand your family.
A patient photographer who gets things right.
A person you can trust and is up front about prices.
You would like an amazing family portrait to display.


It’s been a rocky decade for me. You probably know I got a new heart after the original one expired unexpectedly. What I haven’t shared is how all that changed my career.
You’ve likely heard about people who recover from serious conditions finding a new “love for living”.
I’ve heard those stories too, and believe me, I was –and still am- grateful for coming back.
What I didn’t expect was how it would change my photography.
After a lifetime of making people portraits, I love it even more. I have always enjoyed creating little ‘time capsules of happiness’. From a laughing child to kids running along a deserted beach, I’m thrilled to showcase them all. This year I upgraded my camera and employed the very latest portrait lenses and studied the latest trends to create my best ever family photos.
But now more than ever, I’m passionate about portraying families. When I didn’t know if I’d be here to meet my own grandchildren, I took comfort in seeing the memories I had created for my clients.
When I was recovering and couldn’t really work all that much. My wife, Toni, made sure I rested. Of course, that meant working at half pace!
Now that I’m back, I want to help keep families together. Seizing that distinct chemistry keeps my –new- heart pumping. And I’m connecting with people that want to showcase how special their families are.
If you or a loved one are looking for a photographer who just loves family portraits, feel free to contact me!



What to wear for a family portrait session

Your clothing choices are important

When wondering what to wear for a family portrait, try choosing coordinating colours but not matching everything exactly. Maybe you can select a colour and everyone chooses their own shade, or you select a palette and mix and match as needed

Idea: It’s always stylish to use the season to select your colour schemes. In winter, blues, whites, grey and red are a good option. In summer, light shades, blues, pinks and tans are a favourite.

Planning family photos? What to wear? We can help!