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 If you are looking for a family portrait photographer in Perth Western Australia, my forte is family and children’s portraits. You’ll love the photo experience and get photos that create joyful memories. Perth families love their happy photo experiences with Geoff. Your guarantee is ‘the best photos you’ll ever have’. 

Note: It’s important that you hire the BEST photographer to suit YOUR needs. Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other: You want a great  experience,
You need professional, high quality photos, not a USB full of mediocres that you never look at. You want  a choice of DIGITALS and or PRINTS. Maybe a family ALBUM filled with fabulous images. You’d like amazing family photos that include YOU! 
Geoff Fisher


It’s been a rocky decade for me. You probably know I got a new heart after ten difficult years. What I haven’t shared is how all that changed my career.
You’ve likely heard about people who recover from serious conditions finding a new “love for living”.
I’ve heard those stories too, and believe me, I was, and still am, grateful for coming back.
What I didn’t expect was how it would change my photography.
After a lifetime of photographing families and children, I love it even more. I have always enjoyed creating these little ‘time capsules of happiness’. From a laughing child to kids running along a deserted beach, I’m thrilled to showcase them all. When I didn’t know if I’d be here to meet my own grandchildren, I took comfort in seeing the memories I had created for my clients. Believe it or not, everytime I load the new photos, it’s like “opening Christmas presents”. If you love your family so much, give me a call.



What to wear for a family portrait session

Your clothing choices are important

Try choosing coordinating colours but not matching everything exactly. Maybe you can select a colour and everyone chooses their own shade, or you select a palette and mix and match as needed

It’s always stylish to use the season to select your colour schemes. In winter, blues, whites, grey and red are a good option. In summer, light shades, blues, pinks and tans are a favourite.

Planning family photos, worried about prices?
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