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Professional portraits of your family will stand the test of time. The majority of ‘snaps’ taken on your phone do not include you –and usually end up in a library of shots that will rarely be seen again.

Geoff Fisher is an experienced observer, who takes the time to evaluate lighting, the surrounding environment and the make up of the group – while making the whole experience a fond memory

There are many ways to keep and display your family portraits – desk and wall art, albums and the traditional family album. Call 0414 644 071 for helpful ideas and more information.

Geoff guarantees you “The Best Photos You’ll Ever Have”.

Clothing to wear for family photos

Try choosing coordinating colours but not matching everything exactly. Maybe you can select a colour and everyone chooses their own shade, or you select a palette and mix and match as needed

It’s always stylish to use the season to select your colour schemes. In winter, blues, whites, grey and red are a good option. In summer, light shades, blues, pinks and tans are a favourite.

Family Sunset At The Beach

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